Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

  Here we are on the Eve of my real Mother's Day.  My Sweetness will be five years old tomorrow.  Five.
Since October of 2011, I have been in a daze, wondering where in the heck time has gone.  Hubby and I have reminded each other since the day she was born to cherish every single second with her.  Yet, here we are, still stunned and in a ponder.
  The first eight months of this year, are her last before the school years begin.  I'm beside myself.  If I think she's an amazing kid now, I can't even begin to imagine how she will take the outside world and make it her own.
 For now, it'll be ice skating and science exploring.  It's gonna be a fun weekend!!


                                    Happy 5th Birthday Naenah Delane!!!!!!!!!  I love you.

More on Naenah and her story, how is improved "us and Me",

Friday, February 17, 2012


  In the last few weeks, I have have an amazing chance to just sit and visit with my mom.  The last few times we were in Cali visiting, we had mission upon mission to fulfill for Bridal showers, Bachelorette parties, and weddings.  We were constantly on the go, visiting in between when we could. 
  With mom here the last few weeks, its been great to really sit and visit proper.  She gets a glimpse of our daily lives and gets to really "see" if we are okay.  My parents are funny like that.  They're so supportive, our move was a good move to them.  They just like seeing the town and knowing the ongoings.  I'm okay with that.  Its nice to have them interested enough to want to know.
  I have grown a lot as an individual in the last year and a half away from my sisters and mom.  We as a family, have had more time together living in close proximity than most families ever get in their entire lives.  I have lived with or close to my sisters for the better part of my thirty-six year old life.  Yup, I just revealed my age there. 
  My mom went back to work when I was nine.  Old enough to care for my sisters, whom are younger than me and my dad when he would get home from work.  That was when the poor guy wasn't on deployment for months on end in the middle of an ocean somewhere.
  I have known my mom as a peer, an adult, for most of my life.  She would stand in as a Mom when she had to, but we have a relationship that is more about leaning on one another than mother/daughter.  I had resentment that my childhood was cut short to help raise her family.  But, as time had gone on, and as I started to see what negativity was doing to my Life, I have had a chance to let it go.  That, and a good solid six months of therapy sessions. :)
  What I'm trying to say is, this has been a really good visit.  No rehashing things in the past, just a stroll  down memory lane.  A lot of giggling, and good crying.  As much as I'm not looking forward to seeing her leave for home, I think about when she goes.  Instead of sadness and tears, I think I will be wrapped up in the fact that she go tot visit and be happy and grateful in fact that I got to spend some good quality time with her.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Its Thursday

  Quite a few people in tough spots on their Life paths this evening.  Makes me take stock in my own Life.  I don't regret anything.  I'm so grateful for what I have been gifted.  My goal is to never loose sight of what is most dear to me, but when I see so many struggling, is it enough?
  Is it?  Does the universe understand that I get it?  I have learned a Lesson that takes so many their whole lives to figure out.  I don't ever want to go back to living and breathing negative energy day in and day out, EVER.
  I saw first hand how a Life so negative can kill you.  It happens ever so slowly, then builds, causes dis-ease, and fester into illness.  An illness that can consume you and take everything away.
  Thank the Goddess he turned,  his perspective around just in time.  Thank the Goddess, there were so many that Loved him enough to poor Loving prayers into the Universe for him.
  Now, he lives a healthy, happy, positive cancer free Life.  He's my Dad.
  She could have decided to try on another day.  That twenty-seven hours of labor, in crappy conditions was just about all she could handle.  Even though she was born and it took forty-five seconds for her heart and lungs to figure out the confusion, she drew her first breath.  And with it came her will to Live.  She was tiny, and should have spent a good month in the NICU.  But in that little body there was a Might of will, that to this day is not defeated easily.
  Now, she is five.  Strong, strong-willed, funny, healthy.  She is my daughter.
 Only two of SO MANY inspiring stories that touch my humble Life on a daily basis.  If they can Live on, I can do them justice by being Grateful. I can remember how they fought, and use it as fuel to Live in Gratitude, and take nothing for granted.
Bright Blessings,

P.S.  CONGRATS to my Sweet friend Kaci, and her Family!!  They welcomed Sweet Emmy into the world this week!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cinderella got a day off.....

  I asked my family to beat the Sun this last Saturday.  Driving into the city, just before the Sun came up.  Half way there, the Sunrise burst onto the horizon.  I thought, 'Now that, is a great birthday present'.
  Since my twenty-second birthday, I have tried to watch the sun come up on my birthday.  I think I have only missed one or two.  It is one of the single best ways to start that day, my personal New Year. 
  The Sunrise this year was not disappointing.  That my family was with me to see it, made it that much more special.
  We went out to breakfast, then after breakfast I was promptly dropped off at Hobby Lobby.  ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!  Hubby, the Nae, and my Momma did all the grocery shopping and oil changing.  While I had a solid two and a half hours of no kiddy interruptions in a Big Girl play land.  I got three Happy Birthday Calls while browsing the store, but how fun was it to look and talk and not have to worry about little hands touching what they shouldn't or if Mini Me had wandered too far from Momma.
  I was humored even after that and herded them all into not one but TWO malls.  Nae was in a dreamland!!  I think my girl loved walking the mall way more than she should have.  But, her daddy and I love to people watch, so I'm sure she's like us in that sense.
  Hubby, did absolutely no grumbling, followed us everywhere, carrying winter coats under big strong arms, shelling out cash for pretty baubles.  My Momma love the time to stretch in a warm place, walk and watch her granddaughter.
  Then it was a stop for frozen amazing chocolate custard and then homeward.  Where Hubby made us all wonderful steaks and garlic bread.
  Sunday morning I got the traditional homemade chocolate donuts that I ask for every year.  He labors for a good two hours, but oh sweet heaven!!  They are so worth it!!
  Hubby worked like a dog on Saturday and Sunday morning to make my birthday pretty special.  I always usually get the whole weekend.  But, this year, he gave out early.  Slacking just after breakfast with fatigue.  It only took one smart remark from him for the Magic of Birthday Mood to snap, poof and disappear.
And just like that Cinderella looked around and she was back in her dirty house clothes with a pumpkin sitting next to her.  I could've demanded more time I guess.  But, as I looked around the kitchen, I decided that it was for the better.  I needed to take back my claim on my kitchen, which always suffers at the hands of First Mate.
  All in all, it was a fun Birthday.  How better to celebrate than with family in close proximity.  I got a few hours all to myself, something that doesn't happen very often.  I'm grateful for it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

  As a football fan, it would be sac-religious not be thankful for the win that the NYC Giants this last weekend.  GO Giants!!  Congrats Eli Manning for a second Super Bowl win.   I just wished that LSU would've shown up and won that championship.  There is always next year.
  With my Momma here visiting, Trav has had a PS3 Move Bowling partner!  He has taught her all the controls and moves.  So, every few days, they cue it up and bowl at least three games.  My Mom LOVES bowling, and Trav loves bowling with her.  Grateful for the chance to watch them giggle together.
  Naenah finally finished her Valentine's Day card for her Daddy.  Craft time with this kid is such a fun experience.  She talks about the people she makes the crafts for, weaving Happy intent into her gifts.  I love being around her when she oozes that giving spirit, you can feel it in the air around her.  We squeezed in a few more crafts to add to the ones we did.
  I got to touch bases with three of my sisters this week. Skype with lil sis twice on her days off.  Chat with my middle sis on her way home from work.  A heart to heart with my older sis (Trav's Sis) that I think we both needed.
  Hubby went walking with us this week!!  It was good, but he had me in stitches laughing so much that I almost peed my pants!!  We got to see the full moon, and just be. 
  How about you?  Let's hear it.  Give me just on thing that you were Grateful for??

  Consider this reflection a step in taking care of yourself.  Stop a minute and see if you can find something, then, see how it makes you feel.  I promise it will give you a boost.

Light and Light,


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

This week...

I got to touch bases with both of my sisters this week.  So good to hear their voices and see faces on Skype.

Momma is still here with us, an other week of listening to giggles and questions from her and Nae.  They are bunk mates, and I'm being told that she is resting very well at night with all the adventures they have during the day in playtime.

Hubby took time from work to go with me and Nae to her Wellness visit at the doctor.  It was so nice to have him with us, especially when the shots part came along.

My dogs.  They are so funny.  Such unconditional love.  They know just when you need to lean on them.  I love them even though they try to break in to their dog food bin.  (LeeLu)

The sunsets and mild weather have been beautiful here in slow, quiet little America.  Love it, have been able to go for hour and a half walks all week.  Nae cheats and rides in the jogger.  But Mom and I really get a few good miles in everyday.

This is my list for the week peeps.  How about you??  How was your week?