Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The events that transpire, and how they make us better people... My Thanksgiving Post.

I have had a few Life challenges to get through the last couple of days.  I've noticed that when I go on the defensive, have to defend against something I think is wrong, it feeds a part of me the is ugly and negative.  It can make me feel ill.  For a few short hours, in the aftermath, it did.  Headache, tummy roll, tension in the shoulders.  I wanted to cook to relieve the stress, but I'm a firm believer that if I cook feeling that way, the emotions could very well manifest in the food.  Last thing I want my family eating is more hate and negative.
So, Hubby cooked, and I stepped away and calmed down.  I went to work and helped another human.  That human, the wonderful person they are, helped me.  We giggled, and laughed and were honest with each other as I did what I do best, helped improve quality of life.
That did the trick.  I came home and was in a way better place. Until I opened up FB and fed into some other human's negative.  I was vulnerable and I let that nasty stuff that they were spewing get to me.  And I went to bed mad, upset, angry and resentful.  I woke up this morning thinking.
If that person's posts were so strong in hate to me, that I went to bed like that, how on Earth is that poor human Living?!!  If they are in that process of thought all the time, what kind of horrible things are they attracting to themselves?  To the people they love?  My heart then ached for them.
So, I made a very conscious choice, to be Happy, and Grateful.  To change it.  My Life is not for anyone else to ruin or control.  Are there circumstances that may lead to temporary road blocks? Yes.  Do have days where I feel a bit down? Yes. Is it harder some days to choose Gratitude and Happy? Sure. The longer I stay in a Positive, Grateful mindset, the easier it is to stay there.
But, I can change my attitude.  By changing that, I can change the way my Life sways.  Then you get to see Magic.  When you change, others change.  You appreciate the ones you love most, and they see it.  Then, because they see it, they reciprocate.  Its an endless, Beautiful cycle. 

I am Thankful all year long.  Thanksgiving means more to me than most.  It has its very own meaning to me.  Its one day in a year that I can say, "I do this all year long!". I'm so proud when  look back at the year and see that YES!!! I did it! I had many more Thankful days than crappy ones!!  Its the day I get to pat myself on the back and do a quiet cheer that I didn't take a year in vain.  I spent it doing the things that brought Happy to me and mine.
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you see the Gratitude in the holiday and everyday.  If you agree, pass the note along. 
Bright Blessings,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A whole entire month of Gratitude!!! Thankful November 2013

This year marks my 3rd year partaking in 30 Days of Thankfulness on FB for November.  I'm late!!  Two days behind!!  I'm not that worried.  What am I then?  Rejuvenated!! Inspired!!  Why?  I have seen SO many start their month with their Thankfulness, I'm SO Grateful to be a part of Lives, even if its in cyberspace, that take the time to be Grateful.  It's awe-inspiring!!
This year has been busy, my sweet little business, my Naenah, my Hubby, and all the things that go with Life have kept me on my toes.  I've had less time to sit and write on Thankful Thursdays.  However, I have had more time to fellowship with other Grateful humans.  To hear what they are Thankful for, and to learn something everyday from being part of their Lives, even if it's in just a quick, simple way.
Just the other day, I went in to pay the electric bill and had the most wonderful convo with a lovely gal about how awesome the fall colors were this year.  She then told me how lucky she felt to be able to stop and really notice that.  I told her that, that is indeed the lesson.  She couldn't have agreed more!!
If we open up to a positive note, positive will come back.  Gratitude is the same. The more we practice giving Thanks, the easier it is to see it, the more of it arrives right in our lap.  My sweet little Family is Living proof of that.
So, with that being said, shall we begin?  Would you like to give it a go?  You don't have to post them online, just jot them down on a piece of paper, in a notebook or journal.  So you can go back through and see, how much there is to have Gratitude for.  I promise there is good at the end of the task.  I can't say what it might be, that is up to you and what you need, but if you really put your effort into it there will be something for you.

Bright Blessings to you.... Let's begin.

Always, Norms