Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday... February already!!!

Tomorrow is February 1st.  Wha?!  Didn't 2013 just start??  Where in the heck did January go??
So many things have gone on  in this month, I guess the time has slipped by me.  I looked at the calendar and was so surprised that February was knocking on the door already.
This is the month that my little girl turns 6.  I watched her walk to the playground today in sheer and utter awe, I tried to account for the last six years.  As I watched her skip away to play with her buddies, I thought, 'No way, really?'  I took a deep breath and tried to decipher what the emotions were as they surfaced.  My eyes we filled with tears, but it wasn't sadness.
That's how I knew this was going to be my topic for today.  It was Gratitude.  Its the same as it was 6 years ago, I'm still moved in Gratitude that I get to be her mom.  That I get to watch her grow.  Her first steps, her first word.  Now, being able to hear and watch her read, watch her write her name all by herself, learn how to ride a horse.  Its still Gratitude that I feel.  Truly.
Its not sadness or heartbreak, its Gratitude.
In other Thankful News...
I got to touch bases with my Momma and Daddy.  They are both still reeling at the loss of my Grandmother.  But they did sound much better this week.  It's time, that is all that can help ease the pain, best I can do is love them through it.
Talked to Charlie, Kenn and Rita this week.  I missed out on a Hello to Grin, but I know he knows I love him too.
Had a spot of time to check in with Hayley, good to connect with her.
I saw long lost friendships rekindle this week, offered words of encouragement when they were needed, giggled along with the best of them.
This week could have been way worse, and in the past I have had them.  But, with Gratitude, I don't see much of the world like that anymore.  Does it still require work?  Yes.
Life was never promised to be easy, it was promised to be worth it.
How about you??  What are you Grateful for this week?  Go on, leave me a comment, let me know what you are Grateful for.
Love, Light and Bright Blessings,

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rita Arca Cabal

Rita Arca Cabal crossed to the Summerlands on Friday January 18th 2013.  This February would've marked twenty-one years since the last time I wrapped my arms around her, and felt her in an embrace.  Yet, I never ever thought I was without my Grandmother.  Ever.  
She was the kind of soul that transcended distance.  I just always knew she was with me, encouraging me, standing with me, loving me.  That hasn't changed, even if she no longer walks this side.
Yet, my heart still aches at the loss of her physical form gone from here.  Its a bit confusing to me and my heart.  Why now?  With so much time gone between us? Wasn't that pretty much the same?
I can hear her whisper, "No, its not. Go easy on yourself, dear Heart."  She's right, I need to go easy.  I may not have seen her in twenty-one years, but that doesn't mean she was anything less to me.  Still my blood, still a woman of inspiration, still my Grandmother.
"When they throw rocks Norma, you throw Bread." If they speak in hate, you speak in Love.  So many lessons, just by her example, this one the most prominent.
I will go hours thinking I'm okay, then the grief hits like a tidal wave.  That's just it, how it works, the Grief. 
I can only imagine how my Mother feels then.  Being thousands of miles away.  
Today, through my sadness at being left behind, I will dig deep into my bag of Gratitude.  I will think of all of the things to be Grateful for through this.
I know she rejoices at the Feasting Tables with those who arrived before her.  That her heart is not heavy or sad.  That she is at Peace.  That her aches pains are no more.
I'll go easy on myself and let Gratitude and Time heal me. I will cry tears to cleanse the hurt.
One day, when its my turn to cross to the rolling fields of green, I know she will be there with the others.  Standing just on the other side, waiting to greet me.
I Love You Papo. Until that time, always know, I love you.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday

 As many of you know, if you follow this poor little blog, I am a Certified Massage Therapist.  I have, in the last six months, put up shop in our new little hometown.  Business is steady.  And in the last three weeks, I have been pooped by the end of the week!!  Gratefully so.
So, this is where I begin my Thankful Thursday.  In just the short six months the studio has been open, I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people.  They come with a need to Heal, and together we make that intent clear.  They put their energy into positive healing thoughts, I just help move those thoughts from thought to function in their massage.
You see, I think I need them sometimes more than they need me.  Its always easier to Heal when you have a team behind you to help and support your cause.  I like being on that team.  I like to help, its an added bonus when my client is on the same wave length as far as the Healing goes.
I'm Grateful to have a chance to help, to have others interested enough to have a want to try and improve their quality of Life.
I had a chance to touch bases with many members of my family this week.  I need each and every minute I had with them.  My heart is so homesick.  There is so much good that we have come by the way of here in our new home, it eases the homesickness some, but I was SO Grateful to hear from so much family this week.
Hubby and I have made some decisions about our health and are slowly and steadily getting there.  I love him for going along and changing things along with me.  It helps me, but really it shows me how much he really truly does love me.
Little girl is thriving in school.  She LOVES going.  I love that she LOVES going.  I will continue to make that a LOVE in her Life.
How about you? What are you Grateful for this week?  Give me just one.
Love, Light, and Bright Blessings,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!!! A week of relfection, BEFORE I commit to resolutions!

If there is one thing I have learned as I have gracefully gotten older (LMAO), it is that I jump too quickly into making these things called resolutions.  For the last few years, I have taken it easy on myself by way of resolutions. As a matter of fact, I don't make resolutions anymore.
Instead, I commit to improvement.  Then, I can look back on the year, see the improvements and know that I did do something for myself. Frankly, I'm just tired of the disappointment of the pass or fail of resolutions. Yes, there are so many things in Life that are Pass or Fail.  Improvement is not one of them, thank the Goddess!!
I fell ill last week, two whole days of nothing but sitting on the couch in a miserable state of ache, fever, and cough.  So lucky to have Trav there to jump in and take over the household stuff until I could rise again. 
Monday, I was back to the grind.  In a functional state.  As a mom, you never really get to the better than ever state before you're asked to man-up and get on with it. Here we are Tuesday and the only rough part is waking the heck up!!
I keep thinking to myself, I just want to wake up healthy again.
And there my friends lies the moral of the story.
I did a much better job at the end of last year being healthy.  As a result, everything fit better, I was preppier, I was happier.
So, I'm gonna go with that as improvement this year.  To be Healthier more than I was last year.  I can do that.  I'm finding that healthier is much more about habit.  Motivation gets you started, no arguments from me.  But, good habits will keep you there.  Wish me good luck.  I'm gonna change the course of habits I have.  I'm going to go from more bad to more good.
Wishing you a Blessed Tuesday!!