Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday....The Pumpkin Patch, CharKenn and My Costume, MOM!!

Nae @ Poppy's Pumpkin Patch

We found the sweetest little pumpkin patch on a Mom and Pop little farm just fifteen miles from our little town.  The family was so sweet, the activities were all free.  A mini maze, pumpkin roll into baskets, a cute little craft shop, some of the sweetest friendliest cats we've ever met!!

Nae had a blast.  We walked with seven pumpkins and barely did $15 in damage!!  As we were loading up our haul, Nae strck up the conversation about her costume.

Nae:"So is Chi-Chi sending my costume then?"
Me:"Wha?" Why would Chi-Chi be sending you her costume?"
Nae:"Well, because she got me my pretty one last year, I just thought that she was gonna get me my costume this year."

Children, wow.
I thought it was pretty funny, so, I texted my sister the incident.
We both laughed, then she got serious and asked me to send her the link to the costume she wanted.
 Yup, that's right. 
Her Tia and Tio bought her costume....again.
Charlie said it didn't help that Kenn thought it was adorable when he first saw it.

What is her Costume??
You'll just have to wait and see.

So, we are thankful for the Village that helps raise our child.
That village consisting of wonderfu sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins.

Thank you

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Thankful today....
For a husband who understands.
For a daughter who always knows how to pull me back to what really matters.
For a chance at a Life so steeped in Gratitude.
Good and Bad I will take it.
This Life is a wonderful one. 
I'm thankful of that today.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Happy Thursday!!! Or as my brother Kenny would say....Happy Friday Eve!!  LOL
I have had a few really long and serious post in the last couple of weeks.  So, today my Thankful Thursday is pretty short, sweet and to the point. 
We survived to Payday!!! Its a feat all in itself, and my little girl helped.  Which makes me bust buttons with pride, but more with gratitude.
AND   I had a very good sit down on the front porch with Hubby this morning.  It was a giggle session I really needed.  And I love that we can do that.
How about you??  What are you grateful for this Thursdays? Take a minute remind yourself of just one thing, I promise you that if you do, your day will good that much better.
Love, Light and Bright Blessing!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

When realization hits.....

I just had a total epiphany.  I was catching up on all my blog reading this morning.
I went to and she had this quote posted for her Friday Quote Day.
"The Value of a Man should be Seen in What he Gives and Not in What he is Able to Recieve." ~ Albert EinsteinThis is SO true!!  I have been offering help lately and its going unspoken for.  I have been thinking that there has to be something wrong with me that the help I offer just isn't being taken up.
So, today, I'm done worrying over it.  I have offered and its going snubbed.  There is absolutely nothing I can do if I'm not allowed to help. If I'm not let in to do my part.
It could be for foolish reasons, pride, stubbornness, allergy to help, near-sightedness.  I don't know, and finally I don't care.
I see my position at this very moment in the universe as a gift of being around to help when its needed.  If its not wanted or needed, then I will apply myself to something else!!
So, Thank you Cindy Lou Who.  That quote came at the perfect time, and the lesson has been learned!

In other news....
I have a nephew who is just about done serving his tour in Afghanistan.  I have wrote a Thankful Thursday on him in the past.  He is honorably discharged from active duty this month.  He will immediately go to see his Momma, watch a football game of his brother's, and then we are all meeting in Colorado for a visit with his great-poppa (hubby's grand pop)!!! 
I get to hug and poke the kid.  To tangibly touch him.  It sounds weird, but the last time I hugged him was three long aching years ago.
Three years.  If you watch the National Geographic channel tonight at 8pm, you will see what he has been through for the last three years. The show is Bomb Hunters: Afghanistan.
No, I'm not kidding.
Yes, he left a boy and is now a man.
What is the better news??
That we get to host him in our home.  He will be coming back with us from Colorado.  To decompress and get back to civilian life.  I have that humbling honor.  Naenah is beside herself.  Trav is relieved.
So many years I saw what my dad went through as he served 20 years in the Navy.  He would come home from a six month deployment and it took two weeks to get human again, let alone functioning.  I watched as the first week was almost always just sleep.  The next was eating and catching up with us kids, holding , hugging, watching us.
Again, that Not-so-great childhood is now the experience I have to help my nephew through.  So, its rest, relaxation and a S*%T ton of giggling for him while he's here.
Now that, my friends, it what this Family does right!!

Wishing you a wonderful, swift and fruitful week!!
Bright Blessings!!