Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

So here we are again, its Thursday!!!  I thought about what my post should be about last night and couldn't come up with anything solid to write.  I slept on it, pulled open my notebook this morning and it came to me clear as day.  The weather.
The funniest part about telling people we were moving to Kansas, was to watch their reaction and recall the weather they hear about here.  TORNADOES!!!  " Are you guys nuts??!!!  How could you move there and put yourselves in harms way?!  There is no way I would do that to my family. "  It gets a little meaner from those I think were just a bit more jealous about us actually having an opportunity.
We have had a chance, in the last few days, to experience Thunderstorms and weather cells here.  The view is spectacular!!!  Here in Kansas, with beautiful Storms always looms the threat of our gurl Twista. How you get ready without panic? How do you have resolve, that if indeed it happens, it just happens?
How do any of us get through day to day??  You  just do.  Shelter is put together ready to go, emergency boxes are packed in the shelter.  This is not any worse than living through an earthquake. Which I have lived through quite a few in Cali and the Philippines (we were in the PI at the on set of the Pinatubo eruption)  I have lived on naval airbases in Asia Pacific, EVAC drills in the middle of the night, Wargame drills for 72 hours straight.  The sirens in the middle of the night for tornado's will be no different that than any of that.
Hubby grew up in Colorado, he is used to the warnings.  He knows the drill.  However, Nae has been a bit anxious.  She has watched me put the shelter together in the basement, pack up emergency things and take them down.  I try to do it "matter of fact-ly" with no panic so that she's not worried.  I assure her its just in case.  The more non worried we stay about it, the more part of our lives it becomes to her.
However, I did notice she has her E bags packed behind her door full of her favorite toys.  I could say No, put them back.  Yet, its not hurting anyone to be prepared.  If it eases Naenah then, its good with me.
Mother Nature, the lessons in Preparedness.  Something we can all learn from.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday!!

So, here we are again. Its Thursday, just as I begin to dread the weeks when I don't have my "thankful" ready, I start to see the wonderful thing this weekly exercises does for me!!  There will never be a day, let alone a Thursday that I'm not grateful for something.  Most times, its people, sometimes places, other times things.... this week....a sound.
Never have Trav and I been so over the moon, than to hear Naenah laugh.  Giggles are great, but its the uncontrollable laughter's that really gets us both down deep.  We could be having the worst day, with no end  in sight, and all of the sudden we hear her laugh and it all just slips away.  No more anger, anxiety, sadness, it all just disappears.
That is the magic of things Mundane folks.  The little things that can be very easily overlooked in our "run around all the time everywhere" society.  Open your eyes, take your time or once...What do you see,  hear, smell ???

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today is a day full of recognition for those who have decided to be Moms.  You don't have to go through the whole process of having a child to be a Mom to someone.  I already had my Mother's Day, I celebrate it on the day that Nae was born.  That is my real Mother's Day.  But, none the less, I will not pass up a chance to sit and be waited on by Hubby and Nae.  I think they get more pleasure out of doing for me for one day than any other I've seen.
So, to all you Glorious Mothers out there, I wish you a Blessed day.  Steep in merriment, magic,and wonder.  Filled with Love and Happiness.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our trips to the big city....

So, if you have never been to KS or anywhere in the US other than the Coasts.  Most of the rest of America is pretty spread out.  Yes, there are places to live, beautiful places, that are 30-60 minutes away from major shopping!!  And, that is where me and my sweet little family live.  45 minutes outside of Wichita, that is where you will find the little town that we live in.  You take two different two lane highways to arrive in a City where we do most of our major shopping.  Thanks to my Gran, her and Pop lived out a ways away from town in Cali. I have been able to watch and learn how to prepare for living this far out from an affordable grocery store.  Don't get me wrong, we have a little hometown store for when we run out of milk, eggs, bread.  But as a young family, its too expensive to buy it all in town.
So, off to the City we go.
I explain this, because today is a City day!!! Nae and I usually do the shopping on a week day when Hubby/Daddy is working his ten hour day.  It fills the time and I get a lot accomplished on those days.  Every so often, about every two months, We wait for Daddy and he goes with us on a Friday night.  We go have dinner, shop and are home at a pretty late hour.  But then the weekend is free and clear.
With Mother's Day on Sunday, Hubby wanted to do the Grocery shopping for me.  He also wanted to pick out the things he will be making for my Mother's Day.  When I say my Mother's day, I mean I get Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!! Yep, the whole day is a relax day for me.  I get up out of bed and take my little family on a longer walk.  We come home, and I proceed to have Breakfast, Snacks all day (my favorite thing to do on lazy days!!), and a wonderful dinner & dessert.
Nae looks forward to City Days with Daddy.  It changes up our routine a bit.  I get to ride on her excitement, it is nice going into the City with the whole family. Even if its for errands.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

We joke all the time that this day is for Margaritas, and spicy food. But in light of capture of a terrorist in the last few days,  I seem to be reflecting more on our freedom of late.  My ethnic background is not Mexican, rather Filipino.  But, I can't help but think of the Philippine Independence Day as well.  So many countries, taken over and occupied by so many other countries.  One man's independence, is worth the price of war to gain freedom.
So, to mark the event, like we do in our home.  We will honor those who fought with a meal made with love, and in their memory.
Happy Cinco De Mayo Everyone!!

Thankful Thursday!!!!

I started this whole blog so that I could have a place to write our adventures on our move to Kansas and all the other stuff that happens in our MagicalMundaneMadness Life.  There has been quite a bit to write about in the last seven months. 
I had the opportunity to go home for a whole entire month. Home, being California.  The month, April.  I hit the ground running in Cali.  I was there for my Sis's wedding festivities, after all.  We had a Bridal Shower that I had been planning for six months to execute.  But, what I wasn't planning on was having to interior decorate my mom's home before the Shower.  I spent the first week there, hanging curtains, wall deco, mirrors.  Adding pillows, candles and flowers in vases here and there.
Mom was so grateful.  I think we added to the house enough in her own style.  I tried to do the things she would want, not what we Girls (her daughters) would want.  It makes a difference when you listen, to what is really being said.  She didn't want a lot, just enough.  It was hard on her being alone at the house, and dad being gone for a week at a time. Take all of us girls gone from home, me and mine in a state at least two days drive away.  Empty nest.
So, together we breathed life into the house.  My brother, Grin, had painted the interior while we were away.  She just wanted things to make it looked "lived in".  By the time we had everything ready in the house, it was time to turn around and pull everything together for the Bridal Shower. Again, we were on a dead run.  It was a success, she loved it, they loved it and it made for wonderful memories.
My whole entire trip went like this on a heated run from one end to the other.  By the time I got home, I was ready for some sit down time.  Well, its been nearly two weeks and I can count maybe one day that I have had to be lazy.  The cycle is endless.
I'm thankful to be home though.  I may still be running around like a MadMan but, now I get to do it at home.  Hear the birds sing, have an argument with Nae the way a parent can do when you don't have other sets of eyes on you.  Although, poor Nae, it doesn't matter where we are, reprimanding still is effective.
We mowed this huge yard, watered, weeded and hose down the front porch this last weekend.  She maybe old, this house, but she's home.  I'm thankful for her.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Wedding

Being at the Davtian Wedding sparked quite a few memories from my own wedding.  So much worry, then when the day finally came, it was a lot of fun! I'm sure that those around me during the planning thought I was a Bridezilla, but I guess its the price you pay in insanity to make it like you want it.

 Henna Art Work as a gift from a good friend

 Our Trusted Attendants


 The Handfasting

His and Hers....the Chocolate was His!!

We were married right before you could get digital copies of your wedding pictures.  Just a few I have up loaded, its weird seeing them come to Life on the computer.

The Davtian Wedding

So, this Sunday will be two weeks since we watched my middle Sissy get hitched to Grin.  I have been so happy that she has found someone worthy of the rest of her life.  Its a tall order and a very big commitment.  I believe that Grin is up for the challenge.  Its Magical to me to see how Life fits us together.  The Goddess couldn't have picked a more perfect match for my sister.  Yin and Yang, naturally a good fit.  It eases my mind to know that there is someone there, that will always have her back.
Let's be honest, I can't wait to see that baby!!!! I know, I know, they haven't even started talking about that yet!! I'm totally ready to be an that I semi have being a Momma down, I got the Auntie part ready to go!!!!
Anyhoo, back to the Wedding.  It. was. Beautiful.  Not much more to fill you in on.  There were hiccups, a major one, but looking back on the event now, its not really that important.  It was total Happiness. The girl said for years that she wouldn't marry, you can imagine all our surprise and happiness when we actually got to be at her wedding!!!LOL
Its still strange to see her last name changed, although she is hyphenating it. But, I'm sure it was a struggle for everyone when mine changed too.  The funny little things a very big Life change brings.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Davtian!!