Monday, February 28, 2011

Phonecalls and being at Peace

Had a phone call chat with my sister tonight.  We talk on the phone to close the distance between us at least twice, sometimes three times a week.  The text and email is endless, I've lost count of what the average would even look like anymore.  This is with my middle sister, the baby sis?!  Wow, I'm sure that its even more with her.  The three of us sisters have had a respective 35, 33 and 27 living no more than 30 minutes from one another.  We have seen each other through some of the roughest times in life, also, some of the most Joyous.
The chats are not usually more that 30-45 minutes.  Keeping up on the who and what.  Both of them are marrying their best friends this year.  One in the early spring and the other in early fall.  So, we have a lot to keep each other abreast on.
But, tonight was different.  There was some surface stuff but her and I delved a bit deeper.  We both marvel at the way our spouses (hers soon-to-be) have calm, patient manners about them.  How my child seems to have been born with the very same gift.  How with their help we are slowly moving toward that same sort of enlightenment.
I told her tonight that I never really made peace with all the moving around we did.  How I had such a pent up resentment for always picking up and leaving right when the roots were taking hold.  Six months ago my whole life came full circle.  That all the moving was for my own little family, how I could make that move for them less traumatic than any of the ones I ever lived through.  I have done that, not only did we move, we got back to a life that we all deserved.  Slower paced, happier, and healthier because of it. Its becoming home more and more.
I told her, "I am more at peace with my life path now, than I have ever been at any other time in my life." 
"Good" she said. "Remember that statement." she told me.
I'm doing more than remembering.  Everyday I try to live it.
What a broke down path and person I was before I met my hubby.  At the time I didn't even know it, never really came to terms with it until I was diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression.  It was up to me to get on a path that would lead to Peace.  Naenah deserved that in our relationship, Hubby deserved it in our relationship.  Most of all, I deserved it.
I have many mantras for any day of the week.  Today its this one, "Live today for the page of the story it will be, tomorrow is a new page.  Yet never forget to be Thankful and Grateful for what you have been given and who you get to share it with."
Those phone calls are a life line for me from my girls.  Just like waking up to my little family is as well.
I hope that you have found Peace, and that a little piece of it lives in you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thankful Thurdays.....My real Mother's Day. February 24th

Four years ago on this very day, My husband and I were blessed with the gift of a 4lbs, 15oz sweet little girl. From the day she was born to the very day I pass to the Summerlands, I will always be grateful that I had the wonderful Joy of being her Momma. I will never forget how valiantly she fought for life, I will forever be in her debt. So many Life lessons already learned, so many more to share. Happy 4th Birthday Naenah Delane. I love you.
This day will always be my Mother's Day.  I'm brimming with Joy on this day.  EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
I'm beyond Thankful, beyond Grateful and SO SO SO Blessed

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thankful Thursdays.....a small community

Moving to a small town has really opened my eyes to what I missed living amongst a huge population.  My neighbor is also my landlord.  At first I thought, great, he's going to on us all the time for everything.  Nope, this guy and his wife are AMAZING people.  Really easy going, whatever, whenever kind of people.  They took a chance on an out of state renter and MAN I ended up the luck one.
Anyways, he has rentals in town he needs help cleaning every once and awhile.  This time he asked if I would help him.  I said sure.  Nae and I need a change of pace.  Its been great.  I'm grateful that I have the ability to help.  They are good people.  I know that if I ever need anything, they would come through.
I'm super thankful to live in a small town.

Wow....and it really took that long to.....get it.

Ya, so I just had a birthday last week.  I know! I reminded my girlfriend that hers was up next and she told me that she quit having those along time ago!! Smart girl!! So as I have not made a resolution for my weight this year, it has actually remained in the forefront of my mind....go figure!
My new revelation??? You actually have to burn MORE calories than you actually put in your mouth....Duh!!!  But really, I mean an amazing amount of calories! 
As a society, we try to get by with the least amount of physical activity as possible.  So, when you have gained all that lovely weight experts tell you that 30-40 minutes of exercises is plenty.  BULL HONKY!!
We have to move people!! We have to more A LOT!! 
A 30 minute walk doesn't cut it if you want to take quite a bit of weight off.  In the Biggest Loser we see on TV, we see one workout per show.  There is NO WAY that kind of weight comes off those people with just one work out a day.  Think about it.
I always said I would love to be rich.  Then I could pay someone to cook and clean my home, I would actually have time to dedicate three to four hours to my physique.
Its been three days since I started really burning a huge amount of calories, and counting every single calorie I put in my pie hole.  I AM EXHAUSTED!!
But guess what?  I can feel the difference in how my body takes in the food I eat, and how much deeper my sleep is, waking much more well rested.
It only took thirty-five years to figure it out. My next goal?  To make sure to teach it to my daughter young enough so she's not back peddling like her Ma.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

thankful thursday.....thanks a lot Animal Planet!!

It is the nature of the beast.  Literally.  My daughter LOVES this channel.  But man was she pissed that that Tiger ate the Zebra!! OMG, the kid was livid!  Then came the tears.  She was beside herself.  Am I upset she saw it? No.  I know her heart broke to see this happen.
I explained to her that in the wild tigers eat zebra so they can be healthy and strong.  "Really?" she said.
"Yup, I know that its hard to see and to hear but that is how it happens.", I told her. My heart ached a bit. But I followed it with., "But at the zoo, the zookeeper feeds them steak,"
Would you believe it?, she was good with that!!
The Thankfulness comes from the lesson, that although, I would love to shelter my girl from all things bad...I can't.  I can help her understand, but I don't think it would be right to let go on without knowing.
Yeah, she's only four.  There just so much of it she understands.  I'm gonna try and help her with the rest.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Man, Thursday was a rough day.  I had a lot to get through on the emotional level yesterday.  I refused to let the day go without changing my my attitude.  I work every day to try to see what might be a bad situation in a positive manner.  So, what does a girl do when she's down??  She goes to get her hair cut!! And she drags along another mom/dear friend who needs a breather as well!!
Sara is a mom like me only times three, she's great at it. But her down fall like, mine, is that she doesn't take any time for herself.  So, I made her come with.  Her oldest baby is on her way to turning thirteen in a month, she was happy to babysit the kids.  It helped she's trying to earn money for her Valentines Day Dance dress. :)
What a difference a haircut and a coke at the local watering hole make.  I'm thankful to have a sister in Sara, my sisters would be at ease of mind to know that I've got a gal pal I can lean on.
And said emotional trip ups??  Yeah, with a little change of view, everything is back on track.

Bright Blessings,