Friday, June 8, 2012

If its right, it just keeps coming back.

   With all the things I have been doing to get this up off the ground, I have felt a lot of emotions of late.  Excitement, Joy, Anticipation, confusion, anxiety, fear, self-consciousness, determination its all been an amazing journey.  And its only been a week in the making.
   I have been bent over the Google docs, creating a new business plan, updating my resume, writing a lease document,, updated New client forms, updated client records paperwork, gathering certificates, policies and licenses.   My brain is fried.
  I've done research, read articles, gone over all my schooling notes.
  And I haven't even begun the actual renovations of the physical space.  I'm sure the old body will ache all over once that part is in the rights as well.
   I can honestly tell you that when I sit and think of all of the things I am feeling with this new chapter opening in  my Life, the one thing I am not this time around is stressed.
   Its such a great feeling when something you love to do becomes your Life work.  And no matter how many times you have to say good-bye to your Life work, it just keeps finding you.
   If its right, it just keeps coming back.

Elusive huh?  I'll keep you posted.  You'll see.