Friday, December 17, 2010

A post that most probably won't read, but I'm gonna write it anyway!

So, for a wonderful Christmas present to myself yesterday, I decided that I was going to go over the appliance store in town and pick out a brand spanking new washer and dryer!! Yup, I was going to over spend and get a new set to last us quite a few years.  Nae and I went in, looked around and found just the set, made by favorite!
We got out my wallet, paid and had the boys pick them up on their way home from work.  After some squeezing, bruised knuckles, and a lot of laughing, they got them down into the basement for me.  I took my time and hooked them up, just so EXCITED to do the first load.
I started the load at around 7:30 last night.  I tried to do four loads of laundry, one load, I did twice.  The washer refused to cycle all the way through to rinse and spin.  It would "sense" to fill the water level correctly (all the damn HE machines are like this!!) go to wash and then turn off......yeah, I know!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!
I would have to turn the washer back on and turn it to "DRAIN & SPIN" to get the water out of it!! I fought with this damn washer until 1 am this morning.  I read through the hook up instructions three times, got on google to see if I missed anything.  How on this green, beautiful earth did I end up buying a washing machine, NEW, mind you, that does not work?!!!! Hubby's grandma will tell you that its because our last name is.....%($%*%&##@!!  I would have to agree at this point.
I woke up this morning after tossing and turning so mad that (1) I spent good money on a machine, (2) cut into date night for Chad and his wife (3) and now it doesn't even work.  I was stewing....just waiting to call the appliance store when they opened to demand another machine.
At least that was the plan when I called the store.  I got the owner of the store first off.  He told me he was gonna look into what I had bought yesterday and call me back in thirty minutes.  He did just that, I told him I didn't want anyone out here to fix a NEW washer that I wanted a new one.  We started to trouble shoot and what do you know??? In these new machines, there is a sensor on the drain valve on the drain pipe (yes I'm telling you this!! Even if you don't care!! Stop reading then if it hurts to use that part of your brain!! LOL ) if the drain pipe is not three feet above the ground, it won't calibrate for the load!!!! Therefore....not moving on to the next part of the cycle!!!!! 
And did that say that anywhere on the instructions???!!!!! NOPE!!! On any of the Internet stuff I poured over  last night???!!! NOPE!!
So now, the machine that I have loathed for the last twelve hours.....I am now totally in love with!!! I love her, I hope she last a long while.  Nothing like a girl and her washing machine.
And the lesson???  Last night I got off of FB with this post "has nothing nice to say, so before I say something really mean, I will log off.  I hope everyone else is having a good evening."
I have the most amazing FB buddies, they all checked in, hoping that I was okay, wishing me a better night.
If I would have gone off on a rant last night.....I would have felt REALLY stupid this morning after the fix!! Rolling On The Floor Laugh My Ass Off!!!!
This is the MagicalMundaneMaddness lesson of the week, patience....see it through.  Now that I have, I can LAUGH all I want. 
In my 20's I would have ran off at the mouth for a whole day, now, I know better!!
Thanks for being patient with me guys and gals!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This somes up the week well....Hope all is well on Life's path for you.

Thankful Thursdays....Craig James Cox

This young man is my oldest nephew, Craig James (after my hubby) Cox.
He is who I am grateful for this Thursday.
He's spending the Holiday Season in the middle of the deserts in Afghanistan serving in the US Army.
He posted a picture of my daughter on FB recently, the caption: "One of the many reasons I'm here defending my country."
Now, how in the hell do you not suck in air and fall to your knees crying after reading that?!!
I responded to his post with:, "And I will be forever in your debt for the sacrifice your making to keep her safe."
His response to that?  "I would do it again, in a heart beat."
I met this kid when he was seven years old.  To say that I'm in awe of the person he has become today is a TOTAL understatement.
I miss him something awful and horrible, I count the days until he's back home, on solid US ground,  in his mom's arms.
I'm so grateful and thankful for you Craig!!
I love you!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The little things that make a house a home....

So many things in a house could make a home.  For me the littlest of things, that are mundane to most, give our place its own magic.  Have had the chimes hung in the kitchen for that last month, hanging in our way at the breakfast bar.  Hubby has put up with them, no complaints.  Today they found thier ways to our closets, where they do their jobs of moving old, dead energy from the space and making room for fresh positive life force.  Yup, that's me, the hippie kid with earth base pagan ideas.  Hubby loves it, thinks its so us, I agree.
Funny how we moved in a month ago tomorrow and I feel like we just put our roots down for real today.  Its a good day.  Hope your day is going as well as mine.

Thankful Thursdays......My Sister.....Shauna.

Yes, its late...I know. Happy Friday!
Fifteen years ago, I met and started dating my now hubby.  I was his first girlfriend, he wanted us to be exclusive.  No dating others, just him and I.  Having had a little more dating experience than he did, I didn't think it was a good idea at the time.  I thought he should keep his options open, not get to serious.  Right, that following Easter I was heading to Salt Lake City to meet his family for the 1st time.  I was nervous about meeting his family, he eased the meeting. 
I ended up staying up all night talking to his only other sibling, his older sister Shauna.  I told about my fears about me being his first girlfriend , her response "My brother is pretty loyal Norma, once he decides your the one, that's it.  He doesn't need to date any one else.  I think your stuck with us!"  She laughed so hard, it was contagious, I have loved her ever since. (Well, the whole family....okay!! Hubby too!! )
Shauna is the rock of her family, she's raised four men.  All with manners, and intelligence.  Her path has been rough to say the least, but just today, she called me.  Why? To make sure that I was doing okay in the transition of moving.  She has taken time out to call for as long as I can remember.  I need to hear her voice today, choking back homesickness that was looming over me was going to be a doozy.  But , her call helped ease the pain.
I'm grateful, and thankful for you Shauna! Love you!!

Sis, Jade, Trey, Craig and the Nae

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holy WOW....its almost Yule!!!

Yup, we call it Yule. We teach her the ways of the holidays by the ways of the earth.  It was a choice we made before she was born,  one that we have been practicing for a few years before she came along.  Its really hard for those in our family who love this time of year and reserve the right to the holiday by way of making it only about their own faith.  They don't get it, but to us its much more simple in thought.  Both for Nae and for our own benefit.   As we watch the leaves fall and the ground turn frozen, you can't but help to be in awe of that that is holy.  That what ever higher being you may believe in, loves you enough to show you the magic of the earth in the changing of the seasons.  The spirit of the holidays that occur this time of year seem to buzz with the same sort of energy, no matter what holiday it is, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice....its really about the LOVE.
This wasn't meant to be a serious post!! I get caught up in the moment!! I SO much to do!! We observe Winter Solstice with a dinner and yule log burning on the 21st, the our Yule continues on the 24th, with my family's tradition of Noche Buena, then on to Hubby's side on the 25th!! LOTS to be grateful for this wonderful year.
SO excited to watch Naenah this season!!
Hope Holiday planning is going well for all of you as well.