Friday, October 24, 2014


The events of Human Kind have left me broken-hearted today.

I don't know if it is that the events hit closer to Heart and Home for me today, or if today my most-often strong constitution was just warn down.  It may be that a few things have hit very close to home, like within the confines of my wee little Family, and just outside to my immediate Family, and even yet to the vicinity of my family on the map.  While others hit close to my heart and the turmoil that rises from its dust is a test of my Sanity, Patience, Strength and Positive Outlook.

It leaves me in worry, upset, and really, to be honest, sad.

Our world is changing, we must change with it. How much will we sacrifice before we realize we have gone too far?  There is so much going on.  I could go on and on about what is happening to the people I love and the struggles we go through in our everyday Lives.  Yet, the Triumphs through those struggles are what should really make us Thrive.

For so many, everything is Black and White, with clear answers for either side.

I am not one of those.  My world is every shade of Grey.  I can see the point from 22 different angles.  I stay silent when most draw opinions on things that I believe are not theirs only to draw a conclusion from.  One, because, they are entitled to their own opinion.  Two, it is a test for me.  To see if I am really getting the idea behind the concepts I so swear by.  Three, and most importantly, to lash out in a negative manner, feeds hate.  It feeds the very thing that creates the issue in the first place. 

I worry that I won't be able to give my daughter all the tools she will needs to stand up in society as it is now, in the state that it is in.  I think of my tools and know that half of them came from going to places in my head where demons, monsters, stress and anxiety live.  I dread the thought of her having to go to that place too to gain the skill set to make her that tough for our society.

How can we teach Love, Compassion, Joy, Kindness, and Helpfulness to our children when the world keeps handing us images of the opposite?  Hope.  As I write the very word, I can already feel the renewing starting.  I know when I wake tomorrow, although I will still be saddened, the Hope will have grown.  And restored enough of me to myself that I can keep believing that maybe one day Hope in Humanity can be restored too. That even if it won't evoke any World Peace, I can maybe try to teach her to find Peace on her own, and give Hope to others as well.