Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday... Just shift your thoughts and see what happens

Your attitude and approach can dictate your whole entire Life.  I know this because I have learned it the hard way.  I had the most amazing person walk into my Life and tell me the truth about my attitude and negativity.  Then something even better happened, he stayed in my Life.  And he has helped me fix my point of view.

It has changed so many things for me.  That shift from negative to positive is the very reason I have the wonderful people and experiences happening to me... and him. :)

Some tasks in Life are daunting and scary.  The anxiety and worry we put ourselves through can breed and harbor so much negativity.   However, if we shift our thoughts to the steps it takes to get through a big task, and just think of the next step as the only achievement we need to worry about, it lightens the load.  Thereby making the task, manageable.

We should meet each person and task we come up to with this thought in mind, add kindness to that and the gifts you get back grow in number.  If we see that there are always to two sides to a story, and yours is just as valid as the others, that tolerance is a shift of sorts.

We are learning everyday, that if we go into the situation positive and open minded, we will always come out with something positive gained. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to see what is gained, but there is always a lesson.

Thank the Goddess he walked in and started everything with his Honesty.  It has taught me so much.

In other Thankful news:
Nephew Lucas Nathaniel was born yesterday!!!  He looks a lot like Daddy with Mommy's amazing skin tone.
My niece has learned to give kisses and looks right at you when you call her by name!!
Naenah Delane brought home a spelling test with 100% on it!!
Charlie and Rita got to see each other this week and I got to have a convo with them together, and I could hear Sis in the background trying to get a word in too!!
Hubby, has made me giggle so much this week.  I look at him and am SO Grateful that I get to spend my Life with him.

Your turn!!  Take a minute and think.

Bright Blessings,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I love my job.  It is hard work.  I'm exhausted at the end of the booked up week, but the smile on my face is a testament to the fact that I can make this tiny little massage studio run.  My own two hands, a positive attitude, and faith  in my ability.

I realized this last night as I was cleaning up the studio from the last appointment.  We ran over a bit, I found some things that need to be addressed.  Others would be frustrated and mad that they were getting home late, I found myself smiling.  Jazzed that I helped someone out and happy that they went away Happy.

I know there are way less of us that get to do what we love for a living.  So many more are just miserable and unhappy.  This is where my Gratitude kicks in.  I was one of those folks for a very long time.  With the help of a very supportive husband and family, I had the chance to change that.  And I did.

It was scary, exciting, intimidating, frustrating, exhausting, and so, so worth it.  There are still quite a few lean years that out number the great ones, but that is changing.  My heart is swelling with Gratitude. My eyes are welling with Happy Tears.

That's it.  It's that easy.  What are you Thankful for this Thursday?

Bright Blessings,

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Not a better note to start on than this one.

My Nae went on her first non-family sleepover this week.  It was next door.  At the house of one the best and most trusted people I could ever ask for as a neighbor.  Her little, Ms Kay, and Nae are pretty tight.  So they danced the night away in the playroom and fell asleep to movies.  Well, Kay did.  Nae could stay up forever.  So Shay shut it down and Nae drifted to bed.  Shay told me she was great, behaved very well.  And when she came home today, she was all smiles and has been so very agreeable all day.

She wanted to be close all day.  We made lunch together, started some art projects.  And  when she wanted to step away from the intensity of her artwork she asked me if she could listen to music on Youtube.  Child is a Youtube fiend.  No worries, she has to surf with me or Dad.  What may you ask does this kid listen to?  Well, we have Mary Doodles we watch, Epic Rap Battles also.  But Music?  She is in love with Lindsay Stirling at the moment.  !!!

Absolutely beautiful music.  Her own pick.  She loves Penatonix. !! And of course there is the currents on the radio she loves to re listen to on the Vevo channels.

What else could bring me to tears than spending time sitting next to my daughter while she is plugged into awesome music?  I'll tell you what.   It's that the kid has her own opinion, style and taste.  Did I mention that she is only 6?!  

Yes, yes, we are going through the motions and will continue to remind her that she has to respect others views, beliefs and ideas.  But, I love that she is growing into a person uniquely her.  That my friends is "suck the wind" inspiring.

What once was this little wee baby of 4 pounds, 15 ounces can now think freely and ask questions and read for 20 minutes out loud.

I could start the blog out with what I will be changing this year, but I think its over played.  Instead, I'm going to start mine being Grateful for what is in front of me.  Life brings us change, always.  Its is what is the single most constant thing about our lives.  If we can learn to have Gratitude for what we have already been given, Life has no choice but to gift us more of that.

So, help me.  Rather, help me to help you. Take a minute, and recount all the things that you already have in Life that you are grateful for.  I promise, its worth it.  Chances are, it will make you feel amazing too!

Bright Blessings,