Monday, February 17, 2014

Seven years ago....

Seven years ago, I was on bed rest. I was only one week away from having our one and only Naenah.  She would be whole two weeks early.  I was 38 weeks along.  I have told her story here before, and if you really want to read it again, looked it up in the archives.  She is our miracle.  I look at her today, as she plays in her own little world, and I'm still in awe.
I got to spend the day with her as there was no school on Presidents Day.  I had to work one session, but got to pick her up and watch a movie with her at home and eat nachos and ice cream.  It was an agreeable day.  Sometimes in parenting there are more whiny-resisting days than agreeable ones.  It makes it tough to pull myself out of a defensive mind-frame and give her the benefit of the doubt.  I'm glad I got a reset today.
Its a "suck wind" kind of Gratitude day today.  I'm pretty Grateful I get to be her Mom.  I hope that I can make her understand one day just how much I love her.
Its been a really good day.
Bright Blessings,

Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14th

Everyone has their very own take on each Holiday.  Opinions are yours to have.  Valentine's Day seems to be one of disappointment for others than for appreciation.  That's sad to me.  If our society really knew what it meant to Love, they would know its more about hard work and dedication to someone other than oneself.  Love should be present in every relationship, as well as Respect and Kindness.  It should be celebrated every morning you get to wake up and see that person, not just one day a year.
Valentines Day as a Family is about how much we love each other. Our Tradition?  Homemade Dinner together.  A fun night with a fancy table, red hearts, pink napkins, nice music and talking about our days.  I love my Family, and hope I have many more wake-ups to tell them so.
Happy Valentine's Day from our home to yours.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

38, its not so bad.

Today I turned 38 years old.  The Sun shined today.  After so many days of clouds and snow, there was sunshine.  I received the most amazing hug and smiling face from my sweet little girl this morning.  At 4am, the one I love most whispered Happy Birthday to me.  Thinking  back now, I see how full and beautiful my Life really is.
I worry so much about what they need, I work my fanny off to make sure they get it.  I get thrown off course when obstacles are put up in front of us keep us from what the next best thing that could be in our Lives.  I lose it, not knowing if I can give them what they need.  Its a moment of that is brief, I lose sight of the shore.
Then I realize, that THEY are my next big thing. That no matter the things, they are my Life.  I work to help to be a better person, to know my true stand in this world.  And its with them.  No matter what obstacles are put in front of us.
Its the little things in Life.  I hope I never forget.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The American Dream and its ever elusive hovering out of our grasp...

I heard words this week that really devastated me.  Like took the wind right out of my sails and left me floating aimlessly with no direction.
Thank the Goddess it wasn't for long.  They were just words.  Words meant to conform us.  Bend this way, then that way.  Now tuck this up here and circle around this way.  They were just words.
As soon as I realized that, I started to feel more like me again.  I could close my eyes and feel the breeze in my sails.  I'm working up back up to steady sailing, I'll get there.  WE will get there.
They really don't know who I am.  They just have rules and laws that tell them what they can or cannot say.  Its not a personal attack or an insult.  Rather, its that they don't know any better.  Even more, its that they don't know me and hubby.
So, their loss.
Back to the drawing board.  I let myself get away too much in a the American Dream.  The Dreaming part at least. 
If its meant to be, all path will lead to it.
Bright Blessings,