Thursday, September 19, 2013

October...its right around the corner.

It will be 3 months since I last had a chance to write here.  Again, it is not without notice that I write on a Thursday...Thankful Thursday.  Even if I haven't been writing it here, the Gratitude is still always given.  I still take the time during the week, even if its not on a Thursday, to be in awe of what Gratitude can do.
Today was a mile stone for us as a family.  I won't share the actual milestone, its personal enough to garner respect of privacy.  However, it has indeed made me come, full circle in my Gratitude.
When Hubby and I decided to have a baby, we kind of knew how we wanted to live our Lives.  When Baby was born, we knew that the choices we made were the direction we needed to go.  We just had to figure out how to get there.
Never, ever did we think we would have to go so far to gain so much more than we ever dreamed possible.  And that is the moral of today's lesson.  It has got not a damn thing to do with money or what you own. 
Are you Happy?  If your answer to this is yes.... Good. For. You!!  Keep on doing it, whatever it is that is keeping you there.
If your answer to this is no....change it.  Fix it.  Shake it.  Stand on your head.....whatever it takes to get you to happy..... Do it.
We are not defined by what we own now, what we can show as worth to others. That stuff stays here when we move on.
Do what makes this Life worth Living.....what makes you lay your head down at night with a sigh of content.  That you were the best possible version of you today.
I'm beyond Blessed.  Hubby is happy.  That Milestone,  what was said to him, that matters way more than the pennies. 
Happy Thankful Thursday!!!
Bright Blessings,