Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday....I MADE IT!!!!

  I made it to Thursday!!  Goddess provided!!  Man, have me and mine have seen quite a few obstacles since Thanksgiving only one short week ago.  I'm proud to say that even though the stick kept putting on a whooping, I never gave up.  I never let the situation discourage me.  I must be learning!! 
  Should that excite me so much?  When you have seen some rough times as this poor wee little family has, YES, it should excite me.
   Are we turning a corner into a better time in our Life?  Sure, that's one way to look at it.  I would like to see it as the fact that we are learning how to handle the curves.  You see, Life will never, ever be without curves.  There will always be struggles, I'm starting to understand that its how you function in those struggles that defines who you are.  Will you let it knock you down?  Will you take the punches, look around to see who is there you can rally to help you and get it done?  Will you let your heart grow negative with self loathing thoughts?  Will you take the lessons handed to you and file them for the next bump and know that you have learned, at the very least, one part of what you need to move forward?
  This Thursday only holds that much more to be Grateful for.  When we practice Gratitude, it abounds in our Lives.  That simple.  Try it.  What do you have to lose?
  All things good:
  This week there were so many who helped us through our many obstacles.  It may have seemed like not that big of a deal to those folks, but Oh My,  did it help to have them in our Corner.  Hayley, Shayla, Rita, Digran, the guys at the Co op.  Jessica and Alyssa at Carmax.  The listening ears of Charlie, Amelia Delene, and my Gran.  Being able to bounce ideas off my Dad. An FB community that always has my back.  Dude, we are Loved.  I am Grateful.
  I wake every morning with a Grateful heart.  I will continue to do that the rest of my Life.  If I give nothing else back to the Universe, will try at the very least do that.  I will try.
Love, Light, and the Brightest of Blessings!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving, the biggest day for Gratitude.

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that all my Thankful Thursday post are about.  This Thanksgiving was off to a pretty rough start, then it took another turn and got even bumpier (is that a word?), I started to worry, really worry.  Then, I found that place in my mind where the stillness helps me see the situation calm enough to see the Gratitude.
I realized it was a rough patch for me and my little family, but what was awesome is I never really let it ruin things.
So, with out completely boring you with details, I will tell you the most immediate things I'm super grateful for on this very day of Thanksgiving:

That Hubby got to come home and sleep in his own bed, even though he is on his week rotation of 24/7s. That the work held off so that he could enjoy our yearly tradition of cinnamon rolls and ham steak and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  That he got to sit and have our meal together with us.That some of his co-workers rallied around him and his partner and were willing to take a shift so that these boys could get some much needed rest.
Thank you John for looking out for Trav.  Thank you Sara for steping in to provide relief.  Thank you Ben for being on stand-by.

That I, as well as Trav, could be here to provide relief for a pukey kid at 6 this morning.  That puked again, and again and again.
That she finally stopped puking.  That she smiled through dinner and chatted it up even though she wasn't all that hungry.
That her spirit never even darkens when she is feeling pretty dang gum bad.

That my sisters and all my Fam are keeping my Homesickness at bay by Skyping, calling and texting all through out the day.

That my FB family is so supportive and loving.

That friends that I have made here in our little town will come to aid if we need anything at all.

I just THANKFUL.  Just so damn Thankful. 

Tearfully Grateful,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday...Heart Strings.

Do you ever get that feeling of a dawning of an idea?  One that has finally come full circle and you are just now getting all the signs to realize it?  I had a moment like that today, so early in the day.  I knew it had to be what I wrote about for Thankful Thursday.

Back story: When Trav and I were pregnant with Naenah.  We tried to think of things to do that would give us a good strong bond with her, even In utero.  As soon as we knew her sex, we started calling her by her name.  Kick counts were family play time, Gimli (our pup at the time) and Trav would play, wrestle, and bark.  Naenah would kick around in my belly in time to their playing. Trav would take time to talk to her, she would swoosh around to the sound of her voice.
A family friend's mom does hypno-therapy.  In her hand of therapies, she had Hypno-Birthing.  I had done the research and Trav and I together decided that it would be a better route for us rather than Lamaze.
So, with open minds, with went to our first session. One of the very first exercises is  attaching Heart Strings to one another, and the baby.  It was the closest thing to physical magic I had ever experienced.  I could feel a tie between my husband and I.  Then attaching the stings of our hearts to Naenah, I could literally feel the tug on the "String". To let us know she was participating, she did a little dip and swoosh in there.  Amazing.
It brought us so much closer, even before she made her physical appearance in the world.  It gave Trav and I that much more of a solid bond with each other AND with her.

The Strings are constantly being tugged on.  Almost like an embedded mechanism to "check" our connectivity with one another.
Our morning ritual of saying good-bye before school brought those Heart Strings back into check this morning.  We hug and kiss good-bye(thank the Goddess she still lets me have those and is not embarrassed yet), then she takes off on her little walk to the playground, stops half way through, turns around and blows me a kiss as I blow her one.  We both catch them, PUT THEM TO OUR HEARTS, then put the kiss in our pockets.  This is not a thing I have taught my girl, as a matter of fact, SHE showed me how to catch the kiss and put it in my pocket.
An act of Heart Strings.  We have never talked about that bond with her, but here we are.....She Just Knows.

My heart and heart stings, swell with  Gratitude.  Some things you just don't have to say in words, she just knows.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Days of Thanks...Catching up

Hello!!!  November has started out with a BANG!!  I have been BUSY since the 22nd of October and knew I was going to have little time to start my Days of Thanks.  So, here is a catch up on the days I have missed.  I so bet you thought I wouldn't take the time out this year, WRONG!!!!
I will never pass  up a chance to to Thankful and Grateful.

Day 1 of Thanks. The place in which we live.  Little to you, a mansion to us. It holds all I love dear. Five healthy heart beats, and very happy at that.

Day 2 of Thanks. That I have the ability to Help. I may not have all the funds in the world, but my back is strong and if I can help, I will.

Day 3 of Thanks. That I know how to appreciate simple things. Just a few moments for our toes to touch the sand and ocean and I can feel her rejuvenation flow through me.

Day 4 of Thanks.  That I may never forget that help is never far from reach, that I may never be so big headed I don't ask for it.

Day 5 of Thanks.  That I got to sit and listen to my Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brothers-out laws at the breakfast table. Something so simple, yet when you live far away it means SO much more.

Day 6 of Thanks. Kenneth King. I'm thankful he took such great care of my wee little one and I in absence of Trav on our trip to SD.

How about you??  Why don't you start one of these list, come on.  Just until Thanksgiving.  I guarantee you will appreciate the thought that goes into it.
Love, Light, and Bright Blessings!!!!