Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa, I want a haircut set.

Saturday Night we walked to the little town square to visit the man in red
this is us waiting in line.
Daddy and the Girl

She didn't hesitate to tell Santa that she wanted a haircut set!!
I hope Santa knows what she's talking about, Mom's not quite sure she knows which one!!!


Sundays, with wings on.

This is how Sunday went.  All day long she ran around in these wings with bells on the end.  You would have thought that I would have been sick of the sound....nope.  It was interspersed with uncontrollable laughter while rolling around on the floor with her furry sisters.
Life is what you make it, and this Sunday is what pretty damn near perfect. 


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feeling out of the loop....Homesickeness Sucks!

If there are alot of things that my family is not, the one thing that they are is supportive.  When Trav and I told everyone we were gonna have a baby, one, my sister freaked out and moved out immediately, two, were so stinking excited to have a baby to fawn over.  For the last three years, Naenah has been the center of the holidays for family that was close enough to make dinner.  I have had a packed house for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (Noche Buena), Christmas brunch and Christmas dinner. 
I got spoiled too.  Being able to have my family near at holiday functions was an amazing thing, even if I ended up exhausted for the next two weeks.  It was worth it.  Moving to Kansas has been an eye opener for me.  I got used to having all those so close to Nae and I, well.....close.
One of my FB friends said it the best, I felt lost.  A fish out of water.  Sure, I made a dish and had an amazing time at our Thanksgiving this year.  But, it felt a little weird not being the one running around mad!! I can say that it wasn't an unpleasant experience, but different none the less.
With Yule looming in the back ground, I'm desperate to get back to having it our way at home.  It'll be on a much smaller scale, with it being just the three of us.  But as homesick as I am now, I know that it will be a good Yule.
I have alot of plans, I hope that hubby is ready!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

All the little things....

As much as I try to be the person who can walk away from material things, I guess that this last two weeks has proved that I can't.  We, as a family, do not have very many possessions.  What we do have, we have saved for.  Its the things that make life at home, more comfortable.  Things that we thought out so that we could spend less in the long run on going out, to eat or for entertainment.
We have just spent two entire weeks with out our stuff.  Moving from California to Kansas was a big step for this little family of three.  We knew it would be an adjustment, it just would have been nice to start adjusting, instead of living in limbo for the last two weeks.  We've been sleeping on the floor, using plastic utensils and paper plates.  Cooking all our meals on a two burner electric stove top. A coffee pot, and crock pot, one pan and one pot, two coffee mugs.
Hubby was gracious enough to go along with me packing the computer in the car, along one satellite TV receiver.  Man, we are both SO happy we did that!!  Yet, even with the comforts we had I found myself crawling the walls.  I'm disappointed in myself.  I really thought that I could be okay with out stuff, turns out I'm just as bad as the next gal.
I could talk myself off the ledge and try to rationalize the way I feel...That it's okay to have creature comforts, that basic living necessities are different than luxury items, that there are just things you need to survive, that if it was a natural disaster that took my stuff I would see it differently.  In the end, its still stuff and I'm attached to it.
The Movers are due today, Between 9am and 12 noon.  Sure, I'm excited to sleep in my own bed.  What I'm absolutely elated about having back?  My can opener!!  Naenah's Dresser for her clothes!!!  The microwave!!  Those little things that you forget and miss so much when their gone.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well, here I sit.  In Kansas.  In our new home, which, by the way, is a great old house.  Its been rented and rented and rented and not really loved.  She was dirty, sad and smelly.  I have been a busy girl trying to make her smile a bit.  I want her to know that we are here to live with her, not in her, that I'll do my best to love her while we live here. She has the potential to be one of  the prettiest houses on the street, with a lot of love from her tenants.
I can only do so much right at the moment though, our moving van is on delay.  There is so much to do, in my head.  Sitting here, knowing that there is alot to do is driving me nuts!! I have all these illusions of grandeur for this cute house, i want to get started making it our home. 
I need slow down, it really is already our home.  We lay our heads here to sleep, albeit on the floor right now, but I can honestly say that sleep comes fast, without worry, and I have a clam sense that we are as safe as can be.
Hubby is like a little boy at his new job! He comes home smiling from ear to ear, dirty and tired, but as happy as can be.  The weather makes him the happiest, he came home yesterday to tell me that he was out in the elements and witnessed the first snow.  It was too warm for it to stick but to see how happy he is, that I can't even imagine putting a price on that look.
So, as frustrated as I might be at our stuff not being here yet, I need to remember that it can far worse for this little family than it really is.
I am grateful and Blessed

Thankful Thursdays.....Thanks Sara Jacobs!!

Sara is the wife part of the Amazing Jacobs couple that has helped us transition to Kansas.  She is the biggest Blessing to my sanity as of late.  Just when I'm about to bust open and scream, she calls to ask what I need.  She relates, empathizes, and completely gets it!! That I just want my stuff!! Those Damn Movers!! Between her andn Chad I'm sure they have put one hundred hexes on that moving company! LOL
Thank you Sara for being there as a shoulder to lean on, my sisters will be happy to know that I have you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!! Hands on Jamie....

I am a Massage Therapist.  I have been one for five years now.  I found my hero of therapist a year ago, her name is Jamie.  She has been a therapist for ten years now, and still absolutely LOVES her line of work.  That is where I want to be in five more years.  I can't even imagine not loving what I do for a living, its such a rewarding profession.
My reasons for being thankful for Jamie are selfish, you see, a year ago Jamie instilled a weekly trade for the two of us.  Each week we would give a massage to one an other, trading off who was on the table that week. Maintainence, to keep our bodies in great working order.  So that we could keep up with our demanding massage clients.
This year has been amazing.  Because of her healing touch and knowledge, I no longer suffer from migraines triggered by my lockjaw (TMJ).  I have gained back my range of motion in my shoulders.(Damage from trying to throw as much frieght as a six foot man on a daily basis for years....I'm only four foot eleven. : )  )  I have improved circulation in my extremities because of moving all the toxins out of my system on a regular basis.
I'm not completely healed, but I'm on my way. I will miss her healing touch and will be seeking her out everytime I come back to Cali. 
Thanks Jamie.
I'm thankful for you.