Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Four months...

Its been four months.  So much has happened.  I have learned so much, met amazing people, and have Lived in Gratitude.  It has been amazing.  Way too much to bore you with all the details, but maybe you would be patient enough to read about some highlights.

I became an Aunt.  Auntie/Tia NomNom.  That is me.  Her name is Caroline Darling.  She is perfect.  I am Thankful.  Her Mommy (my Charlie) and hers had some tough stuff to get through, but they did it together.  And I am busting at the seams proud.

My daughter became a Rider.  Not just because she showed in Horse Shows.  But because someone very special saw the gift I had no idea she had.  And that amazing person has helped her hone that gift into something that is awe-inspiring to watch.

My little massage business is standing on its own!!! Like, for real.  That is where I have been most nights and some parts of the days.  Building my little business.  And she is growing!!  And I love her even more now then I did a year ago when I thought that this would just be a hobby.

My Hayley is stronger.  So much Stronger.  In so many ways.  I'm so proud of her.  I love her so much.

Shayla grows a little one as we speak.  She is in the hospital, trying with all her might to stay on this side of sanity.  She will do it too.  I have faith in her.  Through all the heartache and frustration, she is rising above and keeping her and the baby in good spirits.

My husband remains the pillar that I have been able to lean on at any and all times.  Its his birthday tomorrow.  Its so true what they say about Marriage being and empty box, that its up to the two of you to fill it with Love, Respect, Understanding and in our case, Laughter.  A LOT of Laughter.  I love my guy.  So, so much.  I spend moments dreaming about hitting the Lotto and sweeping him off his feet.  I know, but we all have to have dreams.

My family, all of them, are Happy Healthy and Strong.  My family grows, learns, and Loves.  They constantly show me the meaning of unconditional Love.  They try understanding, which is so much more than many others ever get.

I'm Grateful for it.  All of it.  I try to open my heart as wide as I can and let out how Grateful I am.  So that the Universe knows I'm taking nothing for granted.

No longer do I ask "Why me?' when I get a bump in the road.  Its more like a "Okay, I have no idea, let's just follow it and see where we come out at" attitude.  Life's biggest heartbreaks seem to come with less of a blow when looking at them this way.  That doesn't mean I don't get hurled back, it just means I find my footing quicker when I get back up.

Failing and making mistakes is so much more of a learning tool now.  No more beating myself up for not being on spot perfect.  Failure and mistakes help me grow into a better me.  I hope I never stop growing into a better me.

Thank you.  I know there are not many of you who take the time to read it.  But,  my little blog and I thank you for the time you spend here.  It means more than  you know. <3