Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

 This week was the first full week of school. We started last Thursday, but this week was really the test. So, I thought that I would post these pictures in celebration of our first full week.
As well as photos of the things I'm thankful for...

 How can I even look at this one and not be thankful to be her Momma?
 My Life is measured by the smiles and giggles from these two.  The sounds makes my heart swell, with Happiness, but the Gratitude is always the underlying emotion.
I'm beyond Lucky, and I will continue to try and live everyday as Grateful as possible.

Other things I'm Grateful for this week:

My FB family.  When I need to be up lifted, they were there.  A candle to light the dark.

I got to talk to much of my family this week, that I needed too.

I'm Thankful for Massage Therapy, through it, I can help.  

How about you?  What do you have to be Thankful for this Thursday?  

Go ahead, I dare you, post it in the comments.  


Monday, August 13, 2012

The end of her days of no school responsibility....

This last weekend was the very last weekend that Naenah, Travis and I will ever have with school-less responsibility.  It didn't even dawn on me really until yesterday morning.  Trav and Nae went outside while he was grilling to give me a few minutes of quiet myself.  I was gonna sit inside with my Nook, but realized that this was her last weekend before school.
I went outside to sit and be near my family pod.  I found Him pulling her around in her red wagon, all over the yard.  I think he realized it too.  I made mention to him of my thoughts and he nodded his head in approval, sadness in his eyes.  I sat and just listened to the sounds of their giggling.
As Naenah ages, I see why so many family have more than one child.  To give them siblings, to teach them about positions in the family, to fill a home.  I think the one that stands out the most at the moment is to keep this pending sadness at bay.  This is the stuff that is rough on a parent.  As the time nears for her first day of school, I find myself getting more and more emotional.
I always thought that growing up and becoming responsible sucked as a kid.  This?  This is worse!!!  LOL
I know that we will all move forward, that everything we deal with is part of her Life's path, as well as ours.  Its the end of an era in our household, one my family and Trav's have marked with Joy.  Again, I'm so grateful to be a part of her Life.  To have a hand in what sort of a person she will stand up and be.  Its no little feat, nor is it something to take so seriously we forget to teach her to be Happy.
She is beyond excited, I will do all I can to keep her in that mind frame.

I am Blessed.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't agree with the way someone was treating you?  What did you do?  Did you just lay down and let them do it?  Did you stand up for yourself and give it your all to fight back?
I have been guilty of both.  I have let one too many people take advantage of my good nature, letting them do and say whatever they please, and I took it.  I have also on some occasions fought back, both physically and verbally.  I can really, seriously think of a few accounts of both.
The reason I say guilty, is that in this last situation, I stood up for myself.  Twice.  Now, in its the aftermath, I am being shunned.  I'm the one being ignored.  By the very person who attacked me.  That person came at me verbally.  I assume they thought I should just sit there and listen, not say a word.  Just take in what ill-mannered things they said about me as a person.  But, in my true spirit, I didn't.  I fought back.  I argued.  I made my point clear.
Life is a matter of perspective, I understand that.  What is really killing me in all this is, in order to live your Life as a decent human being, you have to be able to get off your High Horse and see the way others see things.
I can't win.  I'm done trying.  It is what it is.
Its a good lesson for me in retrospect.  What really in this can I be grateful for?
Well, not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for something.  I've learned enough in Life to know that.  This situation is no different.
I'm grateful for my support team.  My hubby most of all.  I get the strength and confidence to be who I really should because he loves me regardless.
I'm grateful that I stood up for myself, even if it takes away the one person who should be looking out for me and mine in a new and challenging home.
Right or wrong doesn't seem to matter so much to me any more.  Its the principle of the situation, the human aspect.  Being humble enough to just lay it all out and say that you were human.
I would be able to say it, I'm grateful I haven't lost sight of that.