Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

  Happy Thursday!!!!  Thankful Thursday once again.  The Life Lessons were abundant this week. I had the chance this week to really see quite a few Life Lessons in action.  Some positive, others devastating, but making a turn to positive.  Others, were gripes, that hubby and I usually talk our way through, through out the week.  We confir on things that are irritating us, and nearly almost always find a lesson we didn't even see coming.
  Tragedy struck family friends in a way this week that took Hubby and I almost to our knees.  She was six and a half months Preggo with twins.  They couldn't wait any longer to grow inside, they met the world eighteen weeks too early.  Abigail and Emily were surrounded with Family and Love, and only after a few short moments, they went on to the Summerlands.  This initiated our family in dedicating our March for Babies walk donations to these little Spirits and the Harris-Hodnet-Juarez Family.  What did we learn from this?  Thankfulness.  Gratitude.   Life has a way of reminding you its too short, Love, and Live while you can.  Tell them you love them, every single chance you get.
  I have learned in a very acute way how different styles of parenting affect the outcome of a child.  I was quick to locate what I thought was wrong, then stopped short and rethought that one for a bit longer.  Its not wrong, its just different.  And I'm positive that others view our parenting style as quite different as well.  To each thier own.  If you can make them an outstanding person, the roads of many  travel to the one final destination.
  The is to be said with animals.  Again, we are different than most here.  Allowing our dogs to be "inside" animals, its not a common the place thing here.  Dogs are usually outside animals.  Period.  The notion of letting them share space with you let alone your children, is still a rather new thing here.  Its hard in the winter months to see them in outside kennels, but that is my soft heart.  A "pushover" if you will.  I'm human and just a flawed as the next person.
  This week brought Birthdays. My Mom's, and my Brother's (middle sisters husband).  New job beginnings, thank the Goddess for that!!  And an other planned trip booked by loved ones to travel out here to see us truly!!  Our spring and summer are loaded with visitss, I LOVE IT!!
  It a long week for Hubby at work, this is his weekend to work an extra day.  Six days total this week.  He doesn't mind it as much as I do, again, Grateful to have a person like him to Live by.

Your turn, can you think of even just one thing??  It will make you look at your week in a way that will make you feel like the time hasn't just past, but that you earned it.

Love, Light and Bright Blessings,

Monday, March 26, 2012

March for Babies, this year we honor Abigail and Emily

  For those who are new to this blog, are finding it for the first time, or  would like to be reminded.  I am a mother of a child that was born at 39 weeks who was only 4lbs and 15oz.  She was at term, but we dealt with Pre-eclampsia from 7 months on.  I wish I could say that our labor was smooth, but it was not.  We ran into one complication after an other.  Amino-fusion, infection(for both of us), fever, rise in my blood pressure, drop in her little heart rate, labor on my back for 27 hours, an epidural that confused my little one even more.  She was so tired and confused by my last push, that there was no cry.  In fact she was born not breathing and her little heart was not pumping.  It was the longest 45 seconds of my entire life.  Thank the Goddess for knowledgeable, well trained, helpful staff.  My OB and Peds doctor on call and the nursing staff at Mercy San Juan, had the room ready for anything and everything they needed to do to get Naenah on track.  They zapped her little heart once and she cried to most glorious scream I have ever heard.
  The nursing staff readied Trav and I mentally for complications.  They told us that she was tiny, that we would have to do several extra little things to keep her thriving.  We trusted everything they said and taught us.  After her first hour in NICU, the infant nurse on call came to my room.  She walked right to me and gave me the truthful run down of my baby's health.   Aside from being small in every sense of the word, her blood sugar was a little off, but other than that, the Peds Doctor gave her a clean bill of health.  She reminded me that she was still a very tiny baby and that they would keep teaching us stuff that they looked for in Preemie babies.
  The next morning Naenah's Peds doctor paid us a visit.  I was anxious, ready for any and all instructions from him.  He was so good to us, he could tell we were nervous for our tiny Nae.  He was relaxed, calm.  He told us that she her blood sugar was low, and even though we had planned to breastfeed, bottle feeding was going to have to happen as well.  Then he would take her blood sugar again in the AM and see where she stood.  "Other than that, she's just small.  Do not treat any different.  She is healthy and everything is working."  I could hear myself exhale. He patted me on back, and said he'd be by check on her the next day.
  I was beside myself.  So, so humbled and thankful that our little girl was healthy, even though her start was so rough.  Four days, I couldn't sleep.  I couldn't take my eyes off that miracle of a baby.  The Nursery staff nicknamed her Peanut, and fought over who got to come and get her from me for vitals checks.  It wasn't just my heart she had stolen, only four days old.
  Every year of Naenah's life we have walked in the March for Babies. We were not helped directly by March of Dimes, but we know extensively what they do to help babies.  We were empowered by our support staff at Mercy San Juan.  And if we can help an organization do that for other families, its the least we can do.
  Just two short days ago, a young family very dear to us had their twins, Abigail and Emily, pre-term.  The girls, Ada and Ama were surrounded by Love and Family.  18 weeks early,  the girls went on to the Summerlands after just a few short hours of Life.
  This year our walk in March for Babies is dedicated not only to our Naenah, who is thriving , but to Abigail and Emily.   Help us help babies thrive!!!  Donate if you can, re post my donation page if you can.  Anything helps!!  Everything is appreciated.
Help us honor Abigail and Emily Harris-Hodnet-Juarez.
Thank you for your time.
Wishing you Love, Light and Bright Blessings.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, Hello...

  Well, of course this week would rush by! Its spring break for us and we are lounging a lot this week.  Now, that doesn't mean that we are not keeping up on school work.  But we are certainly enjoying the extra time to lay around. 
  Its been rainy and cold here, perfect cuddle weather.  So, we have taken in quite a few shows of late.  Hubby and I have started to really LOVE Big Bang Theory.  Those guys are Hilarious!
  My Dad is a two time Renal Cancer Survivor.  He has been through a lot.  He hit another health snag in just the last few days.  What I'm Thankful for is that he didn't ignore any thing and is now going to be in his doctors good care.  He finally sees that valuing his health means so much to his family.  No matter what this hurdle will bring, he has family to back him.
  I have had the opportunity once again to be reminded of why I don't like to pass judgement on others this week.  Yet, how easy it is for others to fold their opinions of you so neatly.  I thought I was angry about it, but really just heart broken.  I don't love them any less, but I just wish they would see some sort of happiness instead of always negative.  We are trying our very best.  I can't convince them of any more.
  My daughter wrote her name from memory all by herself this week, and has continued to do so all week long.  Repetition and retention.  There are alot of things about our educational system that are changing and will continue to change, this is not one of them.
  I got to touch base with all the Family this week, I love it.  The potential for reunions is in the air, and I cannot wait!!

How about you??  Have you thought about what your Thankful for this week?  Come on now, just one thing.  Let's hear it!!

Love, Light and Bright Blessings,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

  I missed last Thursday!!  Its been a buzz of activity around here.  We have had a shift in our daily Lives towards empowering my daughter to this coming school year.  That's where I was last Thursday, Kindergarten Assessment.  Its the first line of the process towards getting Naenah into school in the fall.  And a real eye-opener for this Momma. 
The actual process is very good in accessing if kids are really ready for school.  Most people we dealt with were encouraging and kind.  However, our last stop of the day, we encountered a teacher that had lost her Light.  She passed judgement on my girl without really even trying to know her.  She wanted to write her off before even giving her a shot.  Thank the Goddess for the school psychologist!!  June I'm forever in your debt!!
  I can't fix a jaded teacher.  I can, however, prepare my daughter.  Ultimately, her education is still my responsibility.  I'm grateful I learned this much sooner than later. I think this is the thing I'm most grateful in this last week.  There were several emotions that rolled through before I got to this one, but I'm so glad that I got to this one.  I'm grateful that Gratitude prevails in my mind set.
  I took four day, three and a half really, out of my Life and read the Hunger Game series.  Man.  Storytelling is beautiful, so fluid to read.  It made for a quick, easy to follow read time.  The characters are so well developed, its easy to make them come to Life and know them as true beings.  Collins has done a rather wonderful job.  However, there are not many happy moments in this series.  These books are very emotionally charged, sad and filled with so much dis pare.  Just when you think that these heroes can't possibly take any more, something else gets thrown at them.  I was so emotionally drained by the end, the final twist was the most upsetting.  These are YA books!!! 
  Why is this on my Thankful Thursday list??  Well, I have learned something about myself here.  And a bit about others.  I'm Thankful for that, and can appreciate how others can view the world through the books the read as entertainment.  This series is not entertainment to me.  This informative, heartbreaking. And really, not at all happy and fun.
  I wonder how some can live Life so unhappy.  How its so hard for some to see the world in a happy, healthy light.  If this is the stuff that the general public reads as entertainment, I have a clearer understanding as to why Happiness and Gratitude are so hard for some to understand.
  In other News...
Middle Sissy and her hubby bought a house!!!!  Yay for them!!  Home ownership is a Big Girl thing.  It still scares the heck out of hubby and I.  I'm sure we're due for that sort of responsibility soon.  I'm so excited for her though.  Its times like this that I wish I was closer to my girls.
  I got to skype with baby sissy yesterday, for a long time!!  We talked about nothing and everything and it was good to just hang out.  Nae made her giggle with her silly antics.  It times like these  wish I was closer to my girls.
I got to skype with Momma on her new iPad2.  She's still learning her way around it, but man is it good to be able to just skype when ever and not have to wait for one of the girls with a web cam to go up and visit.  Now, if we could just get Grammy on board, Nae could see her every week as well!!
  Spring Break next week!!  So Nae and I get a break from watching the little boy we help out with on school days.  We have some painting and stuff around the house to do, but I'm hoping for days at the library, park and on the front porch too!!!
  Your turn.
  I hope that your path is Lighted in Gratitude.
Bright Blessings,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

  So, its that time of the week again!!!  Happy Thursday!!  or Happy Friday Eve!!  As my baby brother (sister's hubby) would say!!
  Noticed a lot of Negative Nancies on all my social feeds in the last few weeks.  With the economy in the dumps and the price of gas rising to "oh so scary".  I can see how the tunnel could feel Lightless. 
  However, like anything else in our Lives, our points of view are our choice.  I post on this blog weekly as a reminder to myself that a Life in Gratitude may not always be easy, but its still my choice.  If someone else happens upon in it and can take something from it, then its done its job twofold.
  We have family friends here in our little town that happily donated a lightly used, outgrown girls bike to Nae for her birthday.  So, my first Thankful image that comes to mind is of my Sweetness on that bike.  Its taken her a few days to grow comfortable on it, its still a pretty slow go.  BUT, yesterday I watched confidence grow and weave itself into her little personality.  The look on her face as "too fast" went from scary to exhilarating.  She took two pretty big spills and there was no crying, she just got back up and hopped back on.  I said it on my FB status last night.  She's my hero and I hope to be like her when  I grow up.
  My dad got my mom an iPad2, and we have been Skyping.  If you have ever been away from family, Skyping eases the ache of Homesickness.  Nae loves showing LeeLee all of the stuff she's gotten for her birthday.
  My baby sister was up for a visit with my folks.  I got to Skype with her too.  Her hubby has been away on a business trip, so I'm grateful that my parents were around this week to be with her.  I hate being away from hubby, so I've been checking on her too.  She got to go to dinner with her Bestie she hasn't seen in awhile last night.  I love that good friends withstand the tests of time.
  Connected with middle sister too this week.  She too is learning and Living a Life in Gratitude.  Her and her hubby have had a rough go of it in this past year.  Yet, they trudge through.  Holding onto each other as tight as possible.  This week has had a few breakthroughs for them, I'm Grateful that Life is agreeing with them for even a single moment.
  Nae has been showered with gifts of Love from just about everyone in the family.  We are incredibly Humbled by all the Love all our family has showered us with.  Hubby and I have taken a stroll down memory lane thinking of all our family that have sent Love this last week.
  There is a ton more, but really, this is enough reading for one blog.
Happy Thursday!!!!
P.S.  A few shout outs to Girlfriends....Cindy, I hope is well!!  Thinking of you, can't wait to see you back up on FB after Lent!!  Kaci, Emmy is amazing!!  LOVE all the family updates!!