Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today its only twenty four days until she's 5 years old.

Hubby and I took the Nae to the doctor today, it was time for a Well Baby visit.  Which, because she's turning five, is now a Wellness visit.  She had to have shots.  Man, was she terrified.  With the persistence and bribery, she sat and braved through not one, not two, but three shots!!
We sang and looked away and all three of us held on to one another.  Half way through the ordeal, our brave sweet girl stopped her crying.  I do believe she realized that these no good shots didn't hurt as much as she had thought they would.
As soon as it had began, it ended.  And she had moved on to picking out a Spongebob sticker from the wonderful nurse's stash.  We were buckling her into her car seat when she spoke up, "Now is it time to go pick out my ice cream?"  LOL   I told you we used bribery!!  Nope, I'm not beyond it.
So, in about six months time, my sweet little baby girl will attending kindergarten.  Just like that, five years have gone by.  Five years???   Was it really that long ago that we labored for twenty-seven hours only to have her born not breathing, and heart not working in her first forty-five seconds of life?
Now?  She's strong and tough.  Stubborn and smart.  And always, always hungry!! ...always, hungry.
I caught my hubby telling her how proud of her he was today.  That even though she was scared, she braved through those shots.
I think of that moment and realize that these two are the very reasons I tough it out instead of just staying in bed with the covers over my head.  When you need it most, Life hands you inspiration.
Just think, this isn't even my Thankful Thursday post yet!!   :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

This one is a special one.  Its been four and a half months since I've been in the same room as my mom.  I say it that way because even though I'm in Kansas and she's in Cali, we talk about three to four times a week.  Either by phone, chat of FB, or skype when she has it available.
She's never been to my home in Kansas.  Its been almost a  year and a half since we moved here.  With two weddings, our moving, and Life happening in between.  Mom just hasn't had the opportunity.
Until now.  Dad put her in the truck and brought her back to stay with us a few weeks!!  Its only been four days, and we are all in pure Bliss.  It is one of the most amazing things to hear my daughter's laugh mixing with my Momma's laugh when they play.  Its the same feeling hearing my other mom (Trav's mom) laughing with her and hearing Trav laugh with her.
I love hearing Momma laugh and interact with Hubby.  He is enjoying her here, took her out to the site and showed her what he does. She's always been one of his biggest Fans and supporters.  Buttons popping off her blouse, she came home pronounced that she was quite impressed with what he now does for a living.
My mom has a way of talking to me that uplifts and gives support all at the same time, but still being very down to earth and available in conversation.  It has been wonderful having actual Face time with her.
I'm so thankful.  Beyond Grateful to have this time with her.  The memories we are making will be in my heart's soul forever.
LeeLee and the Nae doing what they do best...Playing!!

In other Thankful news...

I got a few to tell me what they were Thankful for on my FB page today!!  Those people are pretty awesome people and I look forward to interacting with them on FB.  I love that communities of support aren't stopped by distance anymore...AMAZING!!

I got to see my baby sister on skype today, and although Skype was being a bit of a pain, it was a much need and very non-hurried conversation with her. 

I got to talk to my middle sister on her way home from work on a day that was really rough at the office for her.  I love talking with her on her way home, I can hear the stress melt away and feel the focus of family in the air as she tells me, "okay, sis, I'm home now."  It feels good to be able to catch up and help at the same time.

I got to hear the Nae sing Happy Birthday to my older sister (Trav's sis) and hear the giggle of pure joy in my sister's voice as she sang to her.  The woman has had a bad hand dealt to her and she just keeps on impressing me with her ability to overcome.

I received awesome news from my Gran, got to touch bases with my cool Aunt in Cali, congratulated my baby cousin on her first half marathon.

Once again, I ended up with so much to be thankful for.  And seeing it in words shows me once again how it keeps my Life in alignment.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mom, I want to talk about brothers and sisters...

I had wondered if this conversation would ever come about.  She's turning five in a month, I just thought she hadn't given it much thought.  We have family friends that come over after their school day sometimes and fill the afternoon with play, giggles and screams and then some more giggles.  They are a brother and a sister.  The sister is a bit older than Nae, nine years old.  The brother is a year younger than Nae and we get him four days a week in the mornings before his preschool starts.  Yesterday Nae must have really noticed the ongoings between the siblings.  She woke up this morning and this is how the conversation unfolded.
She had just got up, she gets to have toast in her daddy's old ratty recliner. So she's sitting in the chair, wrapped up in a blanket, eye balling the TV.  I'm in the kitchen getting the stuff out to make her toast.

"Momma, I want to talk to you about me having brothers and sisters."
"Okay, sure.  Do you want a sibling Naenah?"
"What's a sibling?"
"Its another word for brother or sister."
"oh.  Yeah, that's just it mom.  I don't want one."
"Really?  No brother or sister?  You sure about that Nae?"
"Yeah, I'm sure."
"Well, why is that Nae.  What made you make up your mind?"
"I don't want a brother."
"Honey, it could be that you end up with a sister not a brother."
"I don't want to take the chance momma.  I see all the trouble that Kaylee's brother gives her.  I don't want any part of that."
"Okay, Nae.  Dad and I will make sure to keep that in mind."
"Mom?,  Is my toast ready yet??"

And just like that she was done talking about a sibling.  I've played  back the scene in my head twice now.  Texted my hubby about it.  There is so much humor and honesty in this situation.  Hubby and I had decided a while ago that we were good with just it being the three of us.  I have told just about everyone that Nae is going to be an Only as she is called.
The response is mixed.  Some are good with it.  Others believe that we are doing our daughter a huge injustice by not giving her a sibling.  Some tell us she will grow spoiled and others tell us that its a good choice.  No matter really about what anyone thinks.  Anyone but Hubby and Nae really.  I knew already where Hubby stood.  We had just never heard Nae say anything either way.
There are really, really good valid reasons we stopped with just Nae.  If you really want to know, I'm sure you can find at least two blogs on this site that will tell you.  If anyone who is reading this can't find them, leave me a comment and I'll pull them for you.
This was the most serious I have ever seen Nae.  Then, just like that she was back to her playful, always hungry self.
SO, here is the Magical in the Mundane, in this situation.  There has always been something in me that even though I had pretty much made up my mind, I was really waiting to see what she had to say.  Now, I have an answer.  It came out of nowhere, but none the less, she has chimed in.  I'm sure it will always be a topic that we will discuss as she gets older, I'm just glad that she feels like she has a say and that she went ahead and let us know what she was thinking.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday...Even I forget sometimes...

I spent the better part of yesterday really, really upset.  Yup, I was mad, pissed, disappointed, discouraged, angry.  All because I let two people make me that way.  Two people who aren't even close to me.  Yeah, I let that happen.  Only for my emotions to go nowhere and have my first thoughts validated twelve long hours later.
See, even for a girl who lives in Gratitude, I can have set backs.  It was because one of the things I enjoy doing most was being exploited.  Not respected.  I let these two get to me.
Poor Hubby did damage control all day long via text.  I was in tears and he consoled me. It only took a day for me to rebound and recount.
I lost the day.  Time with Nae.  Time to do things at home.  Just precious time, over two idiots that don't really mean anything to me.
What did I learn?  That even if it is an emergency to everyone else, I'm not going to roll over when you tell me to.  I stay at home for MY family not yours.  Regardless of what you think I do all day as a Stay At Home Mom, I have things I do all day long for my family.  I do have a schedule that I adhere to that revolves around MY family not you.  And the most important thing I learned...I have to learn to say NO.
Nae and Trav were the magic key to fixing my day.  They filled me up on Love and Caring.  Nae is a little under the weather but still managed to be Mommas uplifting Joy.
So, what am I thankful for?
That hubby loves enough to talk me off a so-to-speak Ledge.  He may not have thought it was that serious, but he never down played my agony.
That Little Girl can love me through even the most surly of moods.  She knew how important it was to sit and just let me brush her hair last night.
That Nae held my hands through Daddy reading her books.
That Daddy makes comments while reading books that are so funny.
That I got to chat with both my sisters this week.
That I have learned how to bounce back quickly from stupid people set backs!!
Bright Blessings!!

YOUR TURN!!  Just give even one little one!! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday...Quick, Quick, Quick!!

So, I have managed to fill my whole day with on-goings of nothing really Life changing and almost forgot that I have a post due on this very day every week!!! 
I bet you thought I wouldn't get it done, HA!!  I remembered just in time.  AND, I'm gonna get right to the point.  No back story...
* Spa Day with the wee little baby today (yeah right, she's five in a month and a half).  She doesn't fuss about nail cutting, her shampooing and all the grooming stuff if you pad it with girly fun things.
* I giggled with my friend while she was on my massage table in the middle of her massage.  I'm so proud of her for taking the time and committing to herself.  She has come leaps and bounds.
* I gave words in love to a baby sister in tears.  Overwhelmness is an issue us sisters seem to be able to fight better together.
* I gave recipes to my middle sissy and giggled with her over everyday stuffs.  How south westerner/Midwesterners do things compared to west coast attitude.
* I listened to my hubby recount the day for me, even if he thought it was uneventful.  I Love that he humors me.
It may not seem like that big of a deal.  This post keeps me in the mind frame of being mindful. 
I'm Grateful and Thankful.
Love and Light

Your Turn!!!!   Go!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday...First one of the New Year!!

Happy Thankful Thursday!!! Its a New Year, but guess what?  There are still a ton of things to be thankful for.  Some start with a new slate each year, out with the old in with the new.  I get it, its a great way of looking at things.  I'm switching it up this year.  I'm going to move forward with last year in mind in most of my on-goings. 
Last year was a seriously intense year.  Emotional, financial, travels.  You name it, it happened.  If it didn't happen to us, it happened to someone we knew.  Out of all of that, I have learned a TON. 
So, this year.  I'm going to start by tip-toeing into the new year, and trying to remember all we went through and survived!!
Hubby and I are horrible about jewelry.  Between us we have lost both wedding rings and my sweet beloved engagement ring.  We have resorted to cheap rings so that if they are lost, its not the end of the world.  Although, I must say that Hubby NEVER even lifted an eyebrow when I had to deliver the news of my beloved Tanzanite be lost to me forever.  "Its just a ring Norma.  Remember you didn't want me to spend that much on it.  It's alright honey." he said.  Amazing guy, I still cried for a week straight.  It still makes me sad to think about losing it.
ANYWHO.....I bought Hubby a new cheapo ring this last holiday season.  He hasn't taken it off yet, it fits well.  Our luck, this will be the one that sticks for quite some time, figures.
I tell you this because, I see that ring on his finger and it makes feel Grateful.
For having him as a partner.
For him taking our commitment to each other seriously enough to try to wear it everyday.
Just seeing it on his finger makes my belly swoon.  I know, seriously!!!
Next, I have had an unexpected week off of looking after CharlieBoy this week.  Its let me start a new habit with the Girly.  We have been taking up the habit of stepping out in the afternoon and taking a walk together.  The first day was nothing but whining, its taking too long, I don't want to walk that far, can you please let me ride on your back?
I kept telling her that she has to walk to get strong.  That before she can run in soccer she has to walk to build muscle.  She's five in February.  I thought that the explanation would be lost on her.  Then yesterday, she outfitted herself with her walking gear and we set out on our walk.  No complaining to be heard of AT ALL!! Three-quarters through the walk, "Momma, walking is good for my body.  I'm gonna walk and not whine.  This is gonna help me with soccer and ice skating."
Wha??? Huh???  Oh Helena, hear we go!!  Ice Skating??!!!  How expensive is that??!!
We even talked about running a race together this year!! Oh the plans we have!!
Nonetheless, we are moving.  Its not alot, but its movement.  Until there is snow, or ice that is really bad we will move outside.  I'm grateful, really grateful.
Love and Light,