Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!! There are Three...I wouldn't be me with out Charlie...

Yup, she's my baby sis.  One of the other essentials to my DNA.  You can breath in wrong around Charlie and her empathetic nature will tell her that something is off. She'll bug you until you tell her, or she'll cook you this wonderful meal and make you so full she talks it right out of you.
Rita and I have had our hands in raising her from the very day she was born.  She's baby sister, but her road has just as many bumps as Rita and I, if not a few more.  There have been times when Life has been really a**hole to Charlie, but she just keeps smiling through it.
I can't believe her and Rita are getting married next year!! I still see them both ponytails and scraped knees.
Thank you Charlie.
I'm thankful for you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today was a day that will be in my memories for many years to come...

Today was a momentous occasion for me and my little family.  My husband of 15 years stepped away from a job that he worked for 18 years today.  That place was a sore in his poor side for so many years, the source of so much anger, anxiety, sadness, disappointment and dismay. 
I asked him two days ago if it was okay for Nae and I to be there on his last day, responded with a very quick and appreciative, Yes.  All day long I was excited for him, relieved for him.  I couldn't stop counting down the hours until he was free of the horrible place.  It had become so horrible in the last two months for him, when the powers that be used him and an other associate against a manager in the store to get her fired.  A manager that he adored and would do anything for anyone in the store. 
It was making him ill, to be around that kind of backhanding and negativity.  He his such a great husband and father, he never brought any of this stuff home.  He would only vent if I asked, he'd talk about it on his way on the phone and be done with it by the time he walked through the door.
So, when Nae and I got to him at the store today,  I was so surprised to see him anxious.  I couldn't figure out what it was that was getting to him.  As he left the HR office with his paperwork in hand, he started to say farewell to his tried and true friends.  They hugged him, shook his hand. As we walked away from them they stood and clapped for him, I had to run to catch up to him and Nae.
He walked quickly to his last dear friend at the front of the store, hugged her good bye.  He was in tears.  I was beside myself.  For such a horrible place to treat my love so badly most of the time, he was shedding tears for his loss here,  the wonderful people that had become family through it all. The ones that understood the mistreatment the most, because, like him, they had gone through some degree of it too.
This is how humanity survives in such a hostile environment, through love.  Compassion for the guy/gal next to you that has to endure the same BS you do.  There is a serious camaraderie that forms in the ranks of those hellholes.
He was not sad to leave the politics and backstabbing.  But was heartbroken hearted at all of the wonderful people that he was leaving behind.  We promised to visit, and I know we will. They are family after all.

Thankful Thursdays!!! My sister Rita...

Its late, I know!!
I'm trying to pack for a move, work and care for a family people!! LOL

Rita, not only has she been one who has known me the longest, she can read between the lines.  She has this ability to know just what I might need and when I need it.  She had a moment to other day after the first week of hearing our moving news.  To fix her "moment", she called a scheduled to take my daughter for the weekend.  How did she know that we needed a break? These are the little things I'll miss about my sis.  They are also the things I'm SO grateful for. 
Sisters just have a way of knowing, caring and loving.  I'm so grateful for Rita.  Her love and encouragement are essential to my DNA makeup. Words are just a barrier when it comes to describing love for sisters.
She means so much.
I Love you Rita!!
I am Thankful.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...and so it has begun...

So, the packing has started.  So has the attitude from those who are not so happy about this move. So has all the well wishing and support.  We cleaned out the storage unit the other day, went through all the old stuff, a great walk through memory lane!!   I have kept every little piece of paper. I found the first piece of paper that my husband wrote his phone number on!! Insane!!! I guess as a military brat I have held onto things I could control.  All my memories are now in two boxes, hubby was quite impressed. ;)
Its been a treasure hunt for Nae, she loves opening all the boxes and looking at all the treasures that are within.  I have kept so many dolls in unopened boxes!! I guess there was a reason for that, its been like Yule around here for her!! to pack  up more!!
Wishing everyone a Wonderful Day!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thankful Thursdays......

So, I have two blogger friends that do a "Wordless Wednesday" and "Fantastic Quote Friday". I was trying to think of something like that for my own blog....
and so born to you who are all unknown to my little blog...
Thankful Thursdays!!!!
I'm thankful for my mom, who, at the moment is mad at me. :) I know, I know...sounds like butt kissing and trying to make up.  Frankly I really don't care if she ever gets over herself or not.  I'm just tired of getting all bent out of shape when she calls to tell me that I'm a horrible child for taking her grand-daughter away from her.
SSSOOOooooooo, instead of fueling negative energy and wasting it, I'm gonna turn it into LOVE....
I love you Mom, Momma, Inay.
For showing me how to be a strong woman, by example
For teaching me how to cook, and clean for myself
For showing me that I could be a strong woman on my own and stronger with the love of a good husband
For always being honest
For loving my husband as your true son
For caring for my daughter 
For being both Mom & Dad for so many years
I'm thankful to have a mom who gives enough of a damn to call and tell me she pissed.  Really, with all my heart, Mahal kita Nanay. 

All lights are green for GO!!

It's a GO!!!! We got the green light with Hubby's new company.  He has a new job!!!  He's completely terrified!! LOL.  So proud of my husband.  So scared for him, so happy that the last three years of hardship are on an up turn.  Yup, its in Kansas the new job.  But this is where my skills as a Navy brat will come into play.  I think it will be harder for him to let go of material things than it will be for me.  I want to pitch it all and go with clothes on our back. Just slowly get things back that are new for our new life.
We have no game plan yet (we just found out today), but I'm confident that it will work out.  We haven't been through all of this hard stuff to not get a break.  We are so used to being the under dog, most of the time when we are, it just doesn't feel like that anymore.  We look at it as yet another lesson and hill to climb over.
So much to think about and do.  My head is spinning, there are so many ways to go about this....which one is the best way? Most affordable? Most time efficient?
AAAAAHHHHH!!! We're moving to Kansas!! 
To a new chapter in Kansas!!

A little more about why I'm so crazy...

So, I have no idea what I'm doing.   This is new to me, as I'm sure it was new to most of you who now have your own Blogs. I wanted a place,  for those who were so inclined, to be able to check on us and see how we are adjusting to our new chapter in the book and adventure we all call life.....the new chapter will have to wait.
I'm sure alittle background would be nice.  I'm the oldest daughter of a Career Man Sailor, layman's terms, a Navy brat.  Dad knew his way around an engine and he made a living working on Helicopters and Jet engines in the Navy.  Sometimes that meant being away for nine months at a time.  It wasn't the best plan, but it was a plan to keep a wife and three daughters clothed and fed.  For the first eight years of my life, I saw my daddy three months out of every year.  My mom had had enough and pleaded with him to stay close to us, so shore duty it was for the man.  Which meant uprooting your family every three years, moving from naval base to naval base.  Did I mention that my dad ran with the WESPAC branch of the Navy??  Yeah, so picking  up and moving every three years meant MAJOR Japan, to the Philippine Islands, then after nearly eight years in Asia Pacific back to Washington State.     Then the last doozy of a move from Washington state to California, his home town specifically.
Yup, it was pretty crazy.  Mom,the sisters and I could unpack the whole house in a day....sad really.  No, really it sucked.  By the time I was a junior in high school, I had been to twelve different schools.  Thankfully for Mrs. Lucci and Mr. Perkins, helping me out that last semester senior year with all the extra hours after school, I scraped by with just enough credits to graduate.
I'm vowed to never move my kids around like that....ever.  Well, I had to go back on that vow.  Hubby got an offer for a job that we couldn't Kansas.  Yup, Kansas.  So, we went to visit.  We fell in love.  We had always teased about moving to a place where life seemed to pass just a bit slower, where the pressures of everyday life were simpler than what a growing population in Cali had in store for an individual.
Our girl, she's three and a half.  We decided to make the move before she started school, to give her chance to acclimate to the other kids. 
We have the most amazing friend and his family helping us with the move.  He was a former manager of the hubby's and mine at the last place he worked.  I think he knew we were done with California.  We had taken blows left and right since the baby was born, we were getting tired of just getting by.  In this day and age, who isn't?? He offered to help Hubby get on with the company he worked for, it just meant we had to up and move to Kansas...that's all.
I'm dreading the move( gee, I wonder why), but I'm so excited about starting a new chapter in the book!!  My whole family is in California. My sisters(I love them so much!!) are both to be married next year, we don't see them or my parents as much as we used to.  Hubby's family is spread out through Utah and Colorado. Its time for this three man show to move along.
Please understand that there will be ranting, and raving.  Happy spots and sad spots.  I have never spent an entire winter in the snow, so this should be hilarious to the reader!! 
Will you stay tuned??  

....a friend that is more like family...

Don't know if it started the day he walked into the store I was working at or if it happened after he finally saw what all of us in the back of the club were talking about.  This store was a beast all of its own.  The home office would send manager after manager to us thinking they could turn the shrink around and bring down the cost of spending.  When you sell more than anyone on the west coast, your shrink and cost will always look ridiculous to the higher powers that be.  Always trying to look for a way to make more money....they were beating a dead horse.
He walked in and thought that we would all jump at his beck and call, boy did he get a surprise.  Tried to change a few things off the bat without consulting us gals in the office....poor guy, they just threw him to the lions.  He stood his ground with us, talked it through with us.  There was compromise, some on his end some on ours.  He caught on, understood why we had to keep doing like we did, after a while we took him in as one of our own.  Saw what a good husband and daddy he was.  We were so angry at the GM for making him work long hours away from his family.  There were times when I left in the afternoon, he was just coming on to work.  I would come back in the morning and he was still there...She almost killed him.  We know, she was doing it to us too.
He would come to the back office for refuge, a place for some quiet.  A place to laugh and giggle in such a horrible work environment.  We got to hear about his family, grow to really look forward to him making us laugh.  He would tease my husband about me (yup he worked there too), was always a good sport when he was the butt of practical jokes.  He was family.
Then, the day came that he had enough.  He had to leave us.  Talk about devastated.  We all spent so much time with him in such a short block of our lives.  We knew it would be the best thing for him and his family, still it rocked our worlds in the back office.  We knew that if he couldn't stand it any longer it wouldn't be very long and the rest of us would be on our way too.
He was so good at keeping up on us.  He called no matter where they ended up and kept us abreast of they're on goings.  Eventually, we exchanged cell phone numbers and texts each other when we could.  It was like having an older brother for me.  Always with the good advice, always honest and kind.  His wife and kids were always the talk, he had the most hilarious stories of raising their kids.  I always hoped that I could be that good with my kids.
When I left that store, he was one of the first ones I called.  I could hear the relief in his voice, he was so proud of me.  I told him how nervous I was about moving on and really he told me it would be fine.  It was. Six months later, my husband and I finally got pregnant after a year of trying. The next two years were rough on us and baby but who wasn't having a rough patch? He kept on with me, checking on my little family.  He told us to get out of Cali, it was the state of living there that made stuff so rough on us.  He promised that it wasn't like that all over the US.
Two years ago after seeing my husband be denied a shot a the correctional facilities as an officer, and every other opportunity that we tried was shutting us out.  I email him on FB.  Asking him if he had an ideas on how to start up where he was at... He did us one better and got us interviews at where he works.  We drove out and fell in love with the sweet little town.  We were a bit disappointed when they called us back and told us that we just didn't have enough experience for the jobs.  Devastated really, we put our hearts into it too much.
So, we did what we had been doing for the past two years and survived.  Check to check, barely making ends meet.  Things eased up or maybe we just decided to not be miserable and look to the love we have for one another.  We had scraped enough money for my husband and daughter to take a road trip to see his folks.  I had to stay, I had finally landed a job and was the new kid on the block.
My husband called me half way through their trip to tell me that he got a call from the place our friend had worked at, asking if he was still interested in a job.  The three other people that they had hired had all up an quit at the same time.  It all happened in just two weeks, from the offer to the hiring.  My husband is so happy, his future so much less bleak.
Our friend and his family are searching for homes for us as we speak.  He never tires of helping us. Its almost as though he enjoys it.  I can write pages and pages of praise for him and his family, but it just won't tell how deeply indebted and grateful we are that he never gave up on us.
He would say that that is what family does for each other, I would have to agree.

....and this is the launch...please be kind Goddess of the Blog....

Why MagicalMundaneMadness? Because its me, something always magical and mysterious.  I'm a believer in seeing the magic in the mundane.  Ordinary life exist with a sparkle of magic just behind it.  Some call it God, Goddess, Faith, Science....its a mixture of all of the above for me.  All things are possible because of the magic we believe.  An innocence that was lost can so easily be regained by spending the afternoon with a toddler, seeing the world through eyes less jaded. 
Sure there will be serious post, post you will completely disagree with, post that make you bust out in laughter, cry at the drop of a dime. My Blog won't be any better than the next one, just maybe a little quirkier!  It will tell my journey, which is about to get pretty dang funny.  A new chapter in a book that we call LIFE.   An adventure with the ones I hold dear.
My apologies ahead of time, this is my first time as a blogger.  I'm sure there will be plenty of faux-pas that I will unintentionally stumble upon, unbeknowest to myself!! :)
I have this very good friend, I met her when she was but a wee Lass.  We worked in a bakery together, she was always light and happy even as the holidays rolled around and the stress grew to phenomenal thresholds.  She then stepped into another part of the company, we always kept in touch caught up on our lives. I literally had the opportunity to watch her grow into a very amazing woman, mom and wife.  For the good of her little family they picked up and moved to another state, sad for me, sadder even for those who had to put up with her best friend!! (Love ya Turk!)
She was nervous you could tell, but she knew it would be for the better.
Then along came Facebook, and she found me!! It was SO amazing to be able to keep up with her and her sweet family.  She had a Blog for quite sometime, I poured over the oldest entries like it was a novel I couldn't put down.  I was appreciative that she would let me be apart of her world this way.  So much fun watching her family grow in so many ways.
Just as I was thinking to myself that maybe it wasn't out of my realm to do one of these myself, she emailed me.  She has made a Blog sight for inspirational stories, She asked if I would consider writing an entry for her Blog.  I have to say that I was honored to do so.  I had the piece just for ImPossible, one that explained exactly why ImPossible.
Thank you Friend, I can only hope that my Blog will one day live up to the amazing ones you have created. 
Bright Blessings,