Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday..the feet given to me

So I have been trying to make an extra effort to give myself some exercise since Naenah is in school now.  I started in August.  Walking.  Three Miles at least three days a week.  Three weeks ago, I started running.  Yup.  Running.  Well, I hope it looks like running.  I call it an educated stumble.
This week I've finally made it to running thirty-five minutes straight!  YAY!!  Go ME!!!  Seriously, this was a thing I do before.  I ran a 5K circuit with my sister the fall/spring after Nae was born in 2007/2008.  Got burnt out and never really went back to running, until now.
I'm only running two days a week, its walking for this girl the rest of it.  So today, I'm Thankful for my feet.  I pound on them so much, to run, to massage, to walk, to clean.  And they just keep holding up.
In other Thankful News....
Charlie and Kenn will be here on Saturday!!!! 
I got to chat with my girl Stephanie Cooley this week, I love her and miss your so much.  I'm so glad she calls me and allows to call her back when I can.
Chatted with Rita this week, giggled and traded ideas and plans for our meet up in San Diego and their turn out here with us!!
Naenah is knocking it out of the park at school, she loves it and I love her.
Trav and I have shared so much to giggle about this week.  I need that.  Just when I think mood is gonna turn, he gives me a mean case of the giggles.  I love him.

How about you?  Leave me your things your Thankful for.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lessons Learned, Gratitude & Crazy weeks at school

Happy Thankful Thursday!!!
There has been so much going on this week.  Naenah had her first field trip, and of all places it was to the pumpkin patch!  I had the awesome pleasure of being able to attend as a parent group leader.  Nae and I were grouped up with two other little girls that made the day fun and eventful.  We rode a trailer pulled by tractors out to the pumpkin fields, picked pumpkins, got lost in a corn maze, had a picnic sack lunch.  All three girls napped on the bus ride home.  I was present in the moment during the course of the day.  On the ride home, reflection was pretty funny.  I had a blast!!  Exhausted, but it was fun.
Today, Nae rides a firetruck all over town for Fire Safety Week. Tomorrow is a half day at school, home early.
So much has been going on this week that you would think that I would have no time to reflect.  Its just the opposite.  All this stuff happening and I'm struck with Gratitude.  Making me understand just how wonderful it is that I get to be here to do all this stuff with her.  To take pictures of her new experiences.
Her Daddy is a true hero.  We made this move to improve her quality of Life.  He works long hours so that I can be there to send him pictures of all the fun stuff. Yet again another thing to be Grateful for.
I finally got to sit down and connect with my business partner, Hayley.  Both of us so busy the last few weeks that our orbits are just now coming back to one another.  Lunch was good, so glad I had the chance to sit and see her for a bit.
Cut my finger last Saturday.  I've taken the week to let it heal.  Now, my week next week is full!
Lesson learned this week:  I love my Life.  All of it.  The ups and the downs.  Why?  Because its mine.  I got to pick and choose every heartache, happy thought, frustration and gleeful moment.  Its no lie, Life really is what we make of it.
So, go on.  Make Life.  Then, if you have a minute, let me know about it.
Love, Light and Bright Blessings