Saturday, December 29, 2012

This year 2012.

Its only been two weeks that I have missed here on my blog.  I had thought it was quite a few more than that.  I was relieved to know it, yet I missed writing just the same.
This time of year always brings out the most reflection in me.  Looking back on what the year brought us, what the new year holds for us.  Before, it was what I did wrong that I would fix in the coming year.  Now, its what I would like to do better. 
I have, this year especially, realized that there have been a few things I took up in my youth, that I miss now in my older years.  Archery is one.  Playing the guitar is another.  I never thought in a million years I would say that I should've never stopped running.  I hated running.  But this year, I found it again, and it was a very good stress release for  me.
Maybe, I'll take up archery again, and buy a second-hand guitar to play around with.  Its a new year, anything is possible.
I just realized that The Nae will be 6 years old in sixty-two days.  Man, time flies.  This brings new adventures for our Girl, and because they are new to her, they will be new for us as well. 
She learns how to care, be safe around and ride a horse this year.  My luck, she will LOVE it and I will work for nothing but Riding Lessons for the next ten years.  You know what?  I'm just fine with that. 
This year she will learn to shoot a BB gun.  She will be safe around guns, not be afraid of them, respect Life enough to understand that they are a privilege to have in our homes.  If I have learned anything from the sad new of CT, its that my daughter needs to understand that guns are not the issue, the lack of respect for Life is.
I have a laundry list of things I will work at this year.  I think I'll keep most of those off the blog.
However, what I will continue to do, is live a Life of Gratitude.  I will continue to post every week on Thursday about those things.  I will never stray from what has opened my eyes to Gratitude.  That is Naenah and Travis.  I have them, I can take a minute to see the beauty of Gratitude.  I owe them, and myself at the very least that.
Bright Blessings!
See you in the New Year!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....A Laugh and awesome support.

I let myself be defeated this week.  I let Anger, Frustration and some one's Ill-intent get to me.  I let it get to what is usually a very solid foundation of Positive thought and energy.
I posted on FB in frustration.
And got support from the most awesome community ever!! My FB family ROCKS.  They lifted me up, gave me awesome advice, and Bro Duane had me laughing so stinking hard that I forgot about my silly dilemma.
They did it. I am Grateful.
Never underestimate the power of community, physical or cyber.
Other Thankful News:
MOM and DAD are in KANSAS for the holiday!!  Yay!!
Hayley takes time for me even in her busy state of running her business.
Trav LOVES my new hair cut!!
Hollie thinks of my sweet girl and gives her the most awesome hand me downs EVER.
I got to hear Rita's voice this week.
Charlie and Kenn got a house!!!!
Shauna squealed with excitement when I told her that Charlie was expecting!!
These are just a about you?
 I hope you  have a wonderful weekend!!