Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday..... Clarity.

 Even someone like me, who tries her hardest to be Grateful, still loses the path at times.  The last couple of days have been rough.  I'm just glad that my inner dialog is a Positive one.  I'm still at a loss at what drives others to throw off their insecurities and misgivings onto others, but its proof that I am just as human as the next when I catch myself playing into their bullshit.
And I played.  On all levels, they got me.  Then, it attracted more bull, and before you know it, I'm a ball of nerves, anxious and stressed, full of worry on whether or not anything I'm doing is the right thing.
Guess what brought me back to center?  I got a text from Hubby.  Its not what he said in the text that brought me back.  Its what I hear in my head that he would say to me if he were here to hear me vent about all of it.
He would say "What the hell are you doing?  Do you really think that?  Why would  you let anyone sway you from what you and I already know is right and what we want?  You have this, you know what you are doing, don't give them that kind of space in your head, heart or spirit."
He's right.  I do know what I'm doing.  I can fix it, I've fixed it before.  Incessant worrying about  people who don't understand and things I can't control will help nothing.....
Back to our Regular Scheduled Programming....
Man, I'm really Grateful I have one amazing Man that loves me enough to keep at me, to keep me on track to being the best me I can be.
To always be there, even just in thought, to provide that moment of Clarity.
And there is always my Naenah, what a gift.
See, already, the calming vibe returns.  I wish you Peace of Mind and Bright Blessings.